The Australian Terrier is originally known as the Blue-and–tan Terrier and is one of the smallest working terriers. It was accepted into the registry of the American kennel club’s terrier group in 1960 and is known for its small stature and rough long coat.

The Australian terrier club of America joined the AKC in 1977.

The average Australian Terrier is 10-11 inches in height and the average weight is about 10 to 15 pounds. They are longer than tall and are described as small, shaggy and short legged. Their harsh, dense rough outer coat reaches about 2 and a half inches. Their coat requires moderate maintenance but Australian Terrier can be prone to skin conditions if they are not cleaned on a regular basis.

What kind of temperament do Australian Terriers have?

The Australian Terrier has a temperament which is spirited, even-tempered, and courageous. The Australian Terrier is the quietest among the terriers, eager to please and obedient, Australian Terriers are spunky, scrappy, persistent and full of personality. Though tiny, these working dogs are always vigilant. They can be great watchdogs. They can easily coexist with other pets.

The Australian Terrier is fun-loving and makes a great companion for a family who wants to share his energetic lifestyle. It likes to be in the house, playing with kids, following you room to room or following way to the front door when you greet a friend. It is clever and is easy to train.

Australian terrier dog doing yoga

Personality traits of Australian Terrier dogs

Australian Terrier was Australia’s first show dog. However, the Australian Terriers were not only bred for show. Some of the personality traits of Australian Terrier dogs are as follows:

Good natured

The Australian Terrier is famous for their upbeat personality and joy for life. They are extremely adaptable and lively.

Great watchdogs

Australian Terriers are alert dogs and they love to bark at anything they deem suspicious. They are great watchdogs but don’t count on them to be great guard dogs solely based on their size.

Australian Terrier loves to chase

Australian Terriers are keen to chase anything that catches their eye: squirrels,cats, rabbits, etc. They have a strong prey drive so always keep them in a fenced yard.

Australian Terrier loves to dig

Australian Terriers love to dig. If you are a big fan of your lawn, they may not be right breed for you. The lawn will become his own personal entertainment.

Australian Terriers are attached to their family

Australian Terriers are loyal and very family oriented and they tend to gravitate towards the elderly and young children.They are not aggressive but supervision is necessary with children.

Australian Terriers are intuitive

Australian Terriers are so attached to their humans, they tend to match the mood with yours. If you are happy, they will be playful and lively. If you are sad, they will be calm and quiet.

temperament of australian terrier
Australian Terrier Dog in carpet.
source: instagram @australianterriers

Are they child friendly?

Yes, Australian Terriers are child-friendly because they make a wonderful family pet, well suited to families with kids. It loves to play but like all dogs, they should be socialized and supervised with children. He prefers to be with his people and become destructive when left alone.

Australian Terriers have penchant for chasing cats and small animals so he isnot best suited to homes with rabbits, mice and hamsters. With patient training they can be taught to respect and leave alone the animals he lives with. He will  chase the neighbors’ cat or a squirrel at a park.

How it feels to live with Australian Terrier dogs?

Most people are happy to live with Australian Terriers because Australian Terriers are eager to please and obedient with family members. They are small dogs and require regular exercise. Small children can help exercise Australian Terriers by playing fetch or hiding toys for them to find in the yard.

Australian Terriers are quick to bark and quick to take a chase. They tend to bark less than other breeds. They can be a little reserved when introduced to a stranger but generally maintain good manners.

Australian Terriers will co-exit pleasantly with other pets but like other breeds of terriers, the Australian Terriers can become aggressive towards dogs of the same sex.

temperament of australian terrier dog
australian terrier dog

The Australian Terrier is intelligent and this dog will respond to positive reinforcement training. If you are looking  for a loyal and intuitive breed, the Australian Terrier is perfect for you.

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