Are you going to own a Beagle? What are your expectations from a Beagle? Are Beagle good guard dogs? Are they friendly? There are tons of questions in your mind when you think of adding a four-legged member in your family.

It is important to know everything about a dog you are owning regarding their temperament and their personality. So, you’ve just landed in the right place.

Stubborn Temperament of Beagles

Beagles are known for their intelligence and activeness. His high intelligence can lead to stubbornness which can be a problem while training. If they have some scent they become deaf and won’t listen to your calls until they find their prey or scent trails.

A Beagle Dog playing ball.
Beagle are very play-full dog. Image Source:

The Breed of Beagles are neither aggressive nor timid. That depends on their mood. So, be careful when he’s bored you need to take him to the park and play. They might get separation anxiety as they are highly attached to their families and when left alone they can be destructive.

It’s Personality is Curious

Beagle’s personality traits are loving, loyal, curious and friendly. They aren’t aggressive or violent however, they have a boisterous voice known for their deep howl. Along with their deep howls they are known for their ‘musical voice’ too. They tend to sing along as the sirens pass by your house or people singing.

Beagle singing along the song.

Beagles are explorers so it is dangerous to let go off their leash. They can be easily distracted and get bored easily when they don’t get enough stimulation.

Beagles And Children

Beagle playing with a kid
Beagle are child friendly. Image Source:

Beagles love children and love spending time with them. They love to cuddle and play which your kids know how to entertain him than you do. Beagles enjoy when kids carry them and take everywhere they go. Because they love people and seek more attention. Their high energy level makes a good companion to the children.

Living With Beagles

If you live in an apartment, then don’t worry. Beagles are medium-sized dogs which will fit in your apartment. They are active and curious dogs. Being originated from a hound family, it is their habit to roam. Beagles can be a best play-mate to your children too.

Sleeping with my daddy.

But if you are looking for a guard dogs then they are not the right choice for you. Because these hound dogs can be a good watchdog but not guard dogs. They may bark, but wag their tails if given a treat or loved.

Their short coat is easy to care and requires occasional bathing and grooming. Being an active dog, they need to be trained otherwise stubbornness can be an issue if not trained at an early age.

History of Beagle

Beagles are medium-sized breed dogs which belong to the hound family. Beagles have the strongest sense of smell compared to any dogs. Bloodhounds and Basset hounds are their only competition on smell. Originally they were bred to assist with hunting hare in Great Britain.

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