General Information

Dog NameBelgian Sheepdog
Other NamesBelgian Sheedpdog
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeShepherd Dog
Country of OriginBelgium

Physical And Size

Min Life Span12
Max Life Span14
Min Ideal Weight for male24
Max Ideal Weight for male27
Min Ideal Weight for female20
Max Ideal Weight for male27


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability


TemperamentHighly Intelligent, Protective, Active
Prey DriveYes
Fighting DogNo


Stranger FriendlyMedium
Child FriendlyHigh
Cat FriendlyMedium
Apartment FriendlyLow
Senior Citizens FriendlyLow
Service DogLow
Search and Rescue DogLow
Biting PotentialMedium
Country of OriginBelgium
Nicknames and Other NamesBelgian Sheepdog,
Chien de Berger Belge
Scientific Name Canis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeShepherd Dog
GroupHerding Group
Bred ForCattle Herding
Recognized ByAKC, FCI, UKC, CKC
Life Span12-14 Years
Ideal WeightMale: 55-75 pounds
Female: 45-60 pounds
Ideal HeightMale: 24-26 inches
Female: 22-24 inches
Fur TypeMedium, Rough, Dense
Common ColorsBlack, Black and White
MarkingsSpotted, White markings, Black markings
AvailabilityWidely Available
AchievementsRole as a war dog in World War II
Suitable for ApartmentsNo
Used in World WarUsed in World War I as a messenger,
ambulance dog
Most Similar ToDutch Shepherd

The dense-coated and elegant dog is known for its striking protective personality, the Belgian Sheepdogs are one of the most beautiful herding dogs among the four Belgian herding dogs.

The Belgian Sheepdog is recognized for its endurance and ability to learn quickly. Before adding this medium sized dogs with pricked ears, here are some inside information about the breed you need to know.

Origin And History of Belgian Sheepdog

The Belgian Sheepdog date back to the 19th century when the European dog breeders decided to develop dog breeds from their own country. Among the four Belgian herding dogs, one with a long hair, triangular ears and with dense black coat, became popular as Groenendael also known as Belgian Sheepdogs.

In early 1900s the breed began serving as a police dogs and in the World War I they were used as messengers, sentries, and draft dogs pulling machine guns. Their popularity start raising after the World War I and the Belgian Sheepdog club of America was formed in the year 1919.

Belgian Sheepdog’s Protective Behavior Towards Children

Belgian Sheepdogs are obedient and gentle with children. If you want a canine shadow in your house then you should have a Belgian Sheepdog in your house. They love playing around with kids and enjoy spending time with their owner inside the house or can even adapt the outdoor living.

They are highly protective to their territory. They may take a little longer to adjust with other kids with which he’s not familiar to. If your children loves playing balls, is a bicyclist, loves playing fetch games then your pet and your kid would become best of friends.

Being a herding dog, the Belgian Sheepdog may tend to nip and herd the children. You should teach your dog that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Behavior, Personality And Temperament

Talking about their personality, they are highly intelligent, obedient, active and extremely protective. Being bred as a herding dog, they like being constantly busy whether it’s a long walk or chasing a frisbee. They love family time and may tend to have separation anxiety. If they are bored or left alone they will become destructive and noisy.

Belgian Sheepdog Herding Sheeps.

With their herding nature, they are prone to chase bike, cars, kids or even other animals. Their temperament can be affected by various reasons such as genetics, raising, and most importantly training. A Belgian Sheepdog should be trained at an early age to avoid behaviors like aggression and alpha personality. A well trained Belgian Sheepdog is calm and won’t bark without a cause.


Belgian Sheepdog thrives in advance obedience training, agility tasks, and tricks. However, they tend to become hard-headed and can be difficult to train at times. They are so alert to their trainers that they can sense even a small movement made by their trainers and can also read their facial expressions.

Belgian Sheepdog’s Agility Training.

With their ability to learn quickly and eager to learn new things, they are one of the hardest competitors and champions in agility and herding competitions. Though they are easily trainable, they are not for the first time owners who don’t have the idea to remain consistent with training. They won’t wait a single moment to manipulate and acquire the personality of being the leader.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesEpilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Hip Dysplasia,
Elbow Dysplasia, Atrophy
Vaccination RequiredLeptospirosis, Rabies, Canine Distemper,
Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza,
Kennel Cough, Canine Coronavirus
Weight Gain PotentialLow to Average
Separation AnxietyModerate Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 22%
Fat: 5%

All dogs have the capacity to develop genetic health problems. Likewise, Belgian Sheepdogs are prone to have diseases such as cancer, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, hip, and elbow dysplasia.

The health problems are not detectable in a growing puppy which is why you must buy a pet with a reputable breeder and must meet at least one of the parents of the pup.

Fun Facts About Belgian Sheepdog

  • Belgian Sheepdogs were named after their sheep herding instincts.
  • Shyness can be a greatest problem in this breed.
  • Because of their herding instincts, they may chase other animals that run away from them.


The Belgian Sheepdog gives birth to an average 6-10 puppies at a time.
The cost of the puppy varies from breeders to breeders and whether the puppy is male or female. The price of the puppy is somewhere between $1200 – $1400.

Color Patterns

Belgian Sheepdogs are found in four colors. They are –

  • Black
  • Brindle
  • Cream
  • Fawn

To Which Dog Breed Are They Similar To?

Lastly, Belgian Sheepdog are a wonderful addition to your family. They thrive on human counterparts. Your new furry pet won’t dissappoint you as they are playful and obedient.

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