Belgian Tervuren is an active and confident herding dog in Belgium. It is a medium-sized dog that is covered with a thick, silky coat. It is only suited for an active family that is involved in animal farming as it is a herding dog with active, alert, and loyal temperament.

You will learn about the diets, supplements that the Belgian Tervuren needs along with their feeding methods.

Diets of Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren needs a complete nutritional diet daily for a happy and healthy living. Provide them with a complete balanced diet either they eat commercially manufactured dog food or homemade food.

Protein: The body tissue of your dog is made up of protein which is 13 of the 23 amino acids that are a building block of proteins. The other 10 comes from the food you provide your dog. They get proteins from meat, fish, eggs, etc and they need around 23% of proteins in their diets.

Fat: The main source of energy that the dog’s get is from the fat. It also contributes to their healthy skin and shiny coat. Only 5%-8% of fat should be provided in their diets. Anything fat more than that can cause the problem of obesity.

Carbohydrate: It contributes to the power of tissues in the body of your dog. It also keeps the intestine of your dog healthy. Carbohydrate is found in grains and vegetables.

Belgian Tervuren diets
Belgian Tervuren diets.
Image Source: Spot & Tango

How Much to Feed Belgian Tervuren?

Belgian Tervuren puppies need 4 meals a day as they are in the developing stage. They need a good amount of food for the proper development of their physiques and mind. Although they need to eat 4 times a day, the amount you feed them should be in a small portion. Feed them 4 meals a day for about 3 months and slowly reduce the meal to 3.

When the Belgian Tervuren puppies grow and become an adult, reduce the meal to 2 times a day. Make a schedule, so they get their meal at the same time every day. Two meals a day will be enough for your dog as there will be a lot of treats in between the training session which will meet their daily food needs.

Dog Food For Belgian Tervuren

Whether it is a homemade food or commercial food, feed your dog a good, high-quality food. While cooking food for your Belgian Tervuren at home, make sure to add all the required nutritions on their diets.

Here is the list of commercially processed dog food with high-quality ingredients in it that is best for your dog.

  • Bully Max High-Performance Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20
  • AvoDerm Natural Dog Food
  • Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Canned
Belgian Tervuren eating bone
Belgian Tervuren eating a bone.
Image Source: Depositphotos

Best Supplements for Belgian Tervuren

If your Belgia Tervuren is receiving a completely balanced diet, there is no need to provide them extra supplements. Most of the commercially processed dog food has a complete nutritional needs while homemade food might lack some nutrition. In the case where your dog is lacking some nutrition, you can provide them with a supplement after the prescription of the vet.

  • Glucosamine
  • Probiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Omega-3 and 6 Fatty Acids

Human Food That Your Belgian Tervuren Can and Cannot Eat

Some human food does no harm to your dog but some can be extremely toxic for them. Here is the list of human food that your Belgian Tervuren can and cannot eat.

Can Eat

Cannot Eat

  • Lime
  • Avocado
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Onions
Belgian Tervuren waiting for meal
Belgian Tervuren waiting for a meal.
Image Source: Florida Today

Why is Belgian Tervuren Not Eating?

  • If you have given your dog a recent vaccination, it causes them not to eat due to the temporary loss of appetite. It is common and they will go back to eating normally after some time.
  • There might be some problem in their mouth which pain is causing them not to eat. Take him to the vet to check for any dental issues like broken teeth, bleeding, and swollen gum.
  • If you are changing their feeding routine or the surrounding it also affects their appetite. Although dogs cannot read time, they have a track of time, so feeding them at the same time every day is important.

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