Border Collie is a medium-sized herding breed from Northumberland. It is a very popular dog breed as both herding and family companions.

Border Collie has a friendly temperament with a calm and gentle nature. They also have a smart, alert, and hardworking personality. Here’s everything about the training methods and strategies for this energetic breed.

When to Start Training Border Collie?

Basically, the right time to start training your Border Collie starts from the moment you bring him/her home. If it’s a newborn puppy in your house, you should already begin teaching simple commands such as ‘come’ and ‘go’ by the time 5-6 weeks old.

A Border Collie puppy with a ball in its mouth.
PC: The Happy Puppy Site

You should already train your Border Collie a bit complex commands like ‘roll’ and ‘stay’ before it reaches two months old. As they are quick learners, they should adapt to the training process properly if you teach them with treats.

By the time your Border Collie becomes 4 months old, it should be able to master all the basics with excellence if trained well. Likewise, you should immediately begin the advanced training of your dogs as it reaches its adolescence period ( i.e. after 6 months old).

Where to Start Training Border Collie?

In a general sense, the first place to learn for your Border Collie is your home. However, this also depends on what type of training you are giving to your dog. For example, you can start training your Collie in your house or backyard if you are going with the basics. It is the best method as your dog can learn tasks without getting distracted.

After your Border Collie becomes eligible to learn the advanced training, you can take him/her to a dog training center. Or you can also train your pooch all by yourself. You just need a big and open area so that the dog can perform any physical tasks efficiently.

As Border Collies were originally bred for herding, they are very agile. So, you must make sure that you question their agility and intelligence. When training, providing them treats increases their motivation and will to work.

How to Define Task to Your Border Collie?

Defining tasks is one of the difficult phases while training any dog breed if you are doing it for the very first time. To make it easier for both you and your Border Collie, you can first try teaching him/her using hand gestures. Along with that, using body language is also important as it helps your dog to learn properly.

A woman defining a task to her Border Collie with the help of a treat.
PC: Lovely Border Collie

The best instance of using hand gestures is to wave your hand downwards if you are teaching him to sit. If you’re trying to teach your dog advance drills, you should first show your Collie by doing and tell him to repeat it. Use body language properly so that your dog might understand fast. Once they follow what you do perfectly, treat them with foods that will create a repetitive concept in their mind.

Training Process

Training Border Collie isn’t hard as it seems because it is an intelligent and smart breed. All you’ve to do is to be consistent while training them. Do not demotivate yourself if you are not being able to teach them properly. With time and consistency, you will surely be successful. Here are some training processes that will help you train your dog better:

Clicker Training

As the name suggests, the Clicker Training method is a method where a device is used to create a short and sharp noise. It is used to teach your Border Collie that a clicker (noise) means they are being treated for their proper behaviors. This process simply makes your dog understand that a clicker means a treat is coming their way.


Socializing is the most common and top priority while training any dog breeds. Though Border Collie is a very friendly and calm dog, it might misbehave with other pets and kids if not socialized on time. Therefore, you should begin socializing them with the surrounding environment from a very young age.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is considered one of the best methods to train Border Collies. In a simpler sense, you should provide your Border Collie a treat every time you get a positive or desired response from them.

This makes them think that they will be rewarded with a tasty treat if they react to your commands properly. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t treat them with a handy amount of treats. Just a small piece of food is enough.

Alpha Dog or Dominance

You should make your Border Collie adapt to the fact that you are the leader of the pack and you run the show. Teach your dog to behave nicely while you prepare meals and do not let them stay in your bed and furniture. Make sure that they consider you the boss of the pack and follow your commands.

Go Slow

Just because your Border Collie is an intelligent and smart breed, you cannot pile up a lot of commands at a time. You should go with one command at a time. It is important that they master one command with excellence in a day. They will eventually not fail you if you train them with a slow pace.

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