Although bred for haunting, Braque Francais are known for its friendly behavior and least dominant personality among all the breeds. Braque Francais is also known as French pointer dogs.

If you are planning to add a Braque Francais in the family then you must give your pet enough time to make him happy. Living with a French pointer dog means living an active life. Here is some information about Braque Francais for you to know before owning them.

What Kind Of Personality Do They Have?

Braque Francais are very smart and friendly. Being originally bred for hunting these dogs are extremely bold and courageous enough to scare an intruder or other animals. they love spending times with humans as well as other animals especially if they are raised with them.

Braque Francais jumping and trying to play.
Image Source- Instagram @pfotografiehundundmehr.

Braque Francais are the easiest haunting dogs to train. They are not aggressive and won’t get provoked easily.

The Braque Francais personality is considered to be submissive, friendly, very  gentle and social as well and loyal to it’s master /family.

Are Braque Francais Child-Friendly?

Many of us might think or have a perception that Braque Francais are harmful dogs to families, especially for children. However, being world’s best haunting dog it manages to be friendly. Generally these breeds are so quiet, calm and easy .

Braque Francais dogs are not meant to be domesticated as household pets. However, early socialization might help you to keep them as a pet. They won’t get aggressive to children rather they are playful and love romping around children. They might chase small children while running. This kind of behavior needs to be supervised.

Temperament Of Braque Francais

Generally, Braque Francais are naturally affectionate dogs and they love humans and spending time with them. However, their hunting instincts may make a poor choice for house with small canine pets or other animals. They are very protective towards their family and territory. They will do anything to make their family happy.
Chew Chew And Chew.

These dogs are prone to develop separation anxiety since they love human counterparts. Though they tend to be independent at times, but will thrive when gets a chance to participate in family activities.

How Does It Feels Like To Live With Braque Francais?

Braque Francais are hunting dogs which automatically means that they need fairly amount of daily exercises. They are best suited for homes with big back yard to romp around. These breeds are loyal, affectionate and highly intelligent and sensitive as well.

Braque Francais Demanding More Love.
Image SOurce- the.great.vizslas.

Braque will not respond on harsh tone of voice and might get aggressive or depressed. These dogs needs lots of love and affection from it’s family. They will protect their family till they are alive which means, you are safe when you have a Braque Francais in your house.

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