Training a Brittany dog is both easy as well as hard. These dogs have a curious mind which often makes the task hard. However, these breeds are also always willing to please their owners, which also makes them obedient.

When it comes to training your dog, it is hard to choose between the training methods and strategies. Therefore, here are some easy training methods along with techniques that will help you in training your Brittany.

When and Where To Start The Training?

Start training your Brittany the moment you bring them home. They should be trained at the age of 8 weeks old. Firstly, let them explore and feel safe in their new surrounding. Then, slowly begin the basic training such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘leave it’, and potty training.

After your Brittany reaches the right age, you can start training them some advance tricks. You can either send them to puppy training classes or train them at home. In addition, if you train your Brittany at home, they will feel secure and safe around their own surrounding.

How To Define Task To Brittany?

If you are a first time owner, then defining the task can be a bit difficult. You should be confident and maintain the leadership command while training your Brittany.

While defining the task, you should know about their behavior and understanding level. You should know whether your Brittany is willing to perform the tasks or not. Furthermore, always use hand gestures and simple commands followed by some treats.

Training Methods

There are various types of training methods to use while training Brittany. However, these are some simple methods you can use.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement methods encourages that the training should be done in a positive manner. Likewise, if your Brittany receives rewards and praises for completing the task then it is obvious that they will perform the task even enthusiastically.

This training method needs consistency, therefore, they should be rewarded only for good behavior. In addition, to make this method more effective, offer them reward as soon as they complete the given command.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is the same as positive reinforcement. It also encourages positive behavior during training sessions. The only difference is that it is done by using a device that makes a sound ‘click’ when they complete the given task.

While applying the clicker training method, first of all you should teach your dog that the ‘click’ means reward. Whenever they complete the task, press the device and praise them. This method is also one of the best and easy way to train your dog.

Relationship-Based Training

Relationship-based training defines what kind of relationship you have with your Brittany. If you have a strong bond between you and your pet, then it is really easy to understand their body language and whether they are interested to perform the task.

Relationship-Based Training. Image Source – Instagram.

This training might take some time to complete the training session, thus, it is very effective to train your Brittany with love and care. Since, these breeds are always trying to please their owner, this training method will bring out some best results.

Training Strategies

  • Choose a distraction free area. Where the Brittany don’t get distracted with other subjects. For example, if you are training your Brittany in the yard, then make sure they don’t get distracted with other animals.
  • Always get help if you feel like it is impossible to train your Brittany by yourself. You can always seek help from puppy training center.
  • Training needs consistency. Make a daily routine which follows the fixed time of their training session. Training them on the same time as always makes them habituated to their daily routine.

All in all, these were some easy training strategies and methods to use while training your Brittany dog.

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