General Information

Dog NameBull Terrier
Other NamesThe Gentleman's Companion
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeFighting Dog
Country of OriginUnited States of America (USA)

Physical And Size

Min Life Span12
Max Life Span13
Min Ideal Weight for male23
Max Ideal Weight for male31
Min Ideal Weight for female21
Max Ideal Weight for male31


Intelligent Rank
Affection Level
Social Needs
Watchdog Ability


TemperamentCharming, Gentle, Playful
Prey DriveYes
Fighting DogYes


Stranger FriendlyHigh
Child FriendlyHigh
Cat FriendlyLow
Apartment FriendlyHigh
Senior Citizens FriendlyHigh
Service DogHigh
Search and Rescue DogHigh
Biting PotentialMedium
Country of OriginEngland
Nicknames and Other NamesThe Gentleman’s Companion, Bully
English Bull Terrier, The White Cavalier
Wedge Head
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeFighting Dogs
GroupTerrier Group
Bred ForFighting bulls and bears
Life Span12-13 years
Ideal Weight50-70 pounds (male and female)
Ideal Height21-22 inches (male and female)
Fur Typeshort and dense
Common ColorsBlack, Brindle, Red, Black and Tan,
Red and White, White Black and Tan
AvailabilityCommonly available
AchievementsFeatured in a movie
Suitable for ApartmentsModerately suitable
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToMiniature Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are robust dogs with a wedge-shaped head with pointed ears and small triangular eyes. These dogs are mischievous and are enough to entertain you. If you have a Bull Terrier in your house, that means you’ll never get bored.

Bull Terriers often called as Bullies thrive in the company of their people and should never be left alone. They are not recommended for homes who cannot give them enough time.

Origin and History

Bull Terriers was developed in England during 19th century. Bull Terrier was created by crossing a bull dog with the now extinct white English terrier. Later, the bull and terrier dogs were crossed with Spanish pointers to increase their size.

The American Kennel Club first recognized the breed in the year 1885. They are ranked 61st among the breeds and varieties registered by the American kennel club. However, the Miniature bull terriers rank 129th among the breeds.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Yes, Bull Terriers are child-friendly because Bull terriers are gentle, non-aggressive and probably knows how to treat a child. They are a best pair for kids of all ages. Bullies love entertaining their playmate with their clownish and insane humors.

Watch This Bull Terrier With The Kid.

Don’t forget to supervise your child as well as your dog while playing. Bull Terriers are rough players and may knock down a child unknowingly with their extra energy while playing.

Behavior, Temperament And Personality

Bull Terrier used to be very fierce and aggressive as they fought the gladiator wars in early days but if we see today, they are considered as one of the most lovable and gentle breed. The dogs are bred to be guardian dogs and will protect their family as long as they can.

Beautiful Bull Terrier With Its Owner.

Bullies are extremely loyal to their families. They love spending time with their loved ones as much as they can. However, it may be a problem since they should not be left alone for a long time. They prefer human companionship and may become aggressive and destructive when left alone.

Bull Terriers are over-protective towards their families and territory. They may tend to be aggressive towards the same sex of dogs. On the other hand, Bullies are often known as hard-headed canine. If you lack any leadership, they will not take a moment to rise up to the position and will start making their own rules and boundaries. They can sometime show dominant personality and may try to rule the house.


Bull Terriers are easy to train and the task should not be repeated as it can cause boredom to your pet which may lead to aggression. The obedience training is necessary with rewards and treats so that the dog will be motivated.

facts of Bull Terrier.
Bull Terrier with owner in training. Image Source: youtube

There is no limit to what Bull Terriers can do if trained in an appositive manner with patience and humor. Bull Terriers have intelligence and can do any task easily since they are quick learners.


  • Bull Terriers are bred to fight, crossing between Bulldogs and White English terriers.
  • The Bull Terriers have canine world’s most distinct faces.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is common in the breed.
  • The Bull Terriers are the clowns among the Terrier breed.
Amazing facts of bull terrier dogs.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesDeafness, Lens Luxation,
Hereditary Nephritis, Heart Murmurs
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Distemper,
Canine Parvovirus, Leptospirosis,
Canine Coronavirus, Canine Parainfluenza,
Kennel Cough
GroomingEasy and Minimal required
Weight Gain PotentialHigh
Separation AnxietyHigh Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 18%

Hereditary Nephritis: It is a heterogeneous disorder characterized by nephritic syndrome.

Deafness: It refers to severe to profound hearing loss.

Heart diseases: It is a condition that involves narrowed or blocked blood vessels.

Skin problems: It is a condition that affects skin’s oil glands.

Lens luxation: It is a condition in which the lens shift inside or out of the eye ball.

Color Patterns

Bull Terriers are found in following colors:

  • White
  • Brindle and white
  • Fawn and white
  • Tri-color
  • Red and white
  • White and black brindle


Bull Terrier dogs can give birth to 5 puppies at a time.


The Bull Terrier has an average price of $1500 USD.


The male Bull Terrier weighs about 55 to 65 pounds and female Bull Terrier weighs 45 to 55 pounds. They will stand up to about 21 to 22 inches.

Which Dog Breed Are They Similar To?

Some of the breeds similar to Bull Terrier are:

  • Bulldog
  • Miniature Bull dog
  • Manchester Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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