Did you know that your dogs can eat watermelons? What about the seeds? And if not don’t be surprised after knowing that your dogs could probably eat watermelons when the summer is full in the swing.

There are many benefits of feeding your dog watermelons. Since it contains citrulline and amino acids that increase nitric oxide levels in the body. However, you should know how much watermelons are good for dogs. As well as, the ways to feed them.

Can dogs eat watermelons?

Yes, dogs can eat watermelons but with few precautions that should be considered carefully. Watermelons are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the health of the dogs. Having 92% of water, they can be a very good source of hydration on summer days. To add, watermelons do not have fat or cholesterol which is a big plus in eating them.

Dogs eating Watermelon compilation. Have fun with the video.

Why are watermelons good for dogs?

Surprisingly, watermelons are very healthy fruits. They have a high percentage of water (92%) and also provide other important nutrients such as Vitamin C and lycopene. These nutrients assure that the watermelons are not only low-calorie fruits, but are also good for your dog’s health.

A dog eating watermelon. Image Source: Twitter

Benefits of feeding watermelons to your dogs

Watermelons are very beneficial fruits for dogs as they are very rich in water contents. The dogs will be able to rehydrate themselves by eating them. In addition, vitamin and minerals are great sources to be healthy in which the watermelons are very rich.

Watermelons are very low in calories which is the greatest benefit for the dogs. Therefore, feeding your dog watermelons a lot of benefits for them.

How are Watermelons bad for dogs?

While watermelons have huge benefits for the dogs, they can also become bad for them as well. To clarify, the dogs can suffer from an upset stomach and possibly diarrhea after eating the watermelon rinds. So, they should not be let to eat the rinds of the watermelons.

Dogs about to eat Watermelons. Image Source: dogfoodgenius

On the second place, the seeds of the watermelons are something to be aware of. Your dogs can eat those seeds which lead to intestinal blockage. Hence, seeds of the watermelons should be removed without forgetting to remove the seeds.

Don’t necessarily think that removing seeds and rinds will solve the problem and you can feed as many watermelons as you want. Excessive eating of the watermelons will cause stomachache and diarrhea. Therefore, you should feed them in a few amount considering their health.

How frequently should you give Watermelon to your dogs?

No matter how nutritious fruit is, it should not be given in excess amount. As it is said that less is more, you don’t have to feed many watermelons to your dog. Depending on their diets, you should give them an appropriate amount of watermelons. It is best to consult your vet for better information.

Can dogs eat Watermelon rinds?

Rinds are the hard and green part of the watermelons that are often called the cover of watermelons. No, your dogs cannot eat the watermelon rinds. While watermelon rinds do not contain any dangerous elements, but the texture and toughness of the rind might be problematic for the dogs. It may lead to minor issues like constipation and gastrointestinal upset.

A dog eating watermelon with his family. Image Source: Country Living Magazine

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