From its wrinkles to its commanding waddle, Bulldogs are highly lovable and kind dogs. Many of us are scared of his strong jaws and aggressive looks but they are one of the most sweet nature dogs.

They are called ‘Bull’ dogs because English butchers in the middle ages would send the Bulldog to fetch bulls as their powerful jaws would latch them into the ground easily. So are they a good pet at home? Are they good with kids?

Bulldogs Are Safe to Children

Are bulldogs good with kids? Yes! They are very calm, friendly, curious and very mild-mannered. It can also be a good friend to other pets as well. The bulldog will protect your kid and will follow them in their steps as they love staying under the supervision of the kids.

If your kid wants a horse ride and climbs up to your Bulldog’s back, no need to worry as he will acquire the saint-like patience and will give your child a ride.
Bulldog Playing With Kids. Video Compilation.

Personality Of A Bulldog

Is bulldog a bully? No! In fact, he is a fantastic family dog with a special affection for children. Sometimes he may be a little stubborn or a little dim but definitely makes a friendly and easy going pet who enjoys family time.

They are one of the most amiable breeds, and never high strung. Bulldog puppies are more energetic than adult ones as they prefer afternoon nap. They are stubborn when it comes to training. Food and positive reinforcement are the only thing which can make them train.

Temperament Of Bulldogs

Despite their easy going attitude, food aggression can be a problem with many bulldogs. Children should be taught not to bother them when eating and other animals should never be fed around the same area.

Dog agression can be the another problem with bulldogs as males tend to exhibit aggression to other male animals. They should be socialized to other animal as early as possible. When he decides to do something, it is very difficult to change his mood and make him do other works.

An Aggressive Bull Dog Might Be Dangerous. Image Source: Pinterest

To the fact, bulldogs mature very slowly and will remain very play-full, puppy-like and unpredictable until the age of 24 months.

Living With Bulldogs

If you want a dog who is moderate in size, has a short and easy care coat, doesn’t need much exercise then this breed is the perfect choice for you to keep. They are wonderful clowns and would do anything to make you laugh. Bulldogs can give you a nice company as they are very sensitive to your mood.

They can be delighted when you are happy and will be compassionate when you are in grieve. However, if you are looking for the full time guarding dog, then this might not be the right breed for you. They are more likely seen sleeping on the sofa and snoring.

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