Cairn is small yet tough and smart. These breeds are intelligent and fearless which makes them even more independent compared to other breeds. Their independent character makes them not so easy to train.

If you are planning to own a Cairn, then you should be ready to handle their temper and terrific companion.

Cairn Terrier Temperament and Personality

Cairn is a happy and outgoing dog. They are intelligent and fearless. These dogs are always ready to hike in the woods or going on a trip to somewhere new they are a huge fan of exploring. In addition, like other Terrier breeds, Cairn Terrier is also tough, assertive, and observant breed.

Happy Crain Terrier. Image Source – Instagram.

Crain is a great watchdog who will alert you at the first sight of an intruder. Moreover, even though these breeds are independent, they still love being around their friends and family. You will find your Cairn following you around the house just to spend time with you.

Cairn Terrier Trainability

Cairn are not so easy to train. They are stubborn and independent which makes hard to train. Just like any other stubborn breeds, Crain also needs a lot of patience, determination and confidence while training.

Crain Terrier Walking on Leash. Image Source – Instagram.

Crain Terriers are very sensitive dogs and can develop anxiety or fear easily if not treated properly. However, if trained properly, they will be able to learn new tricks very fast. Furthermore, the training process should be started from an early age.

Are Cairn Terrier Aggressive?

Cairn Terrier are not aggressive to their family. However, these breeds are stubborn and may show their aggressive behavior. Early training is a must to Crain to avoid such behaviors.

Cairn must be socialized with other people and animals to avoid aggressive behavior. These breed were bred to hunt foxes, badgers and otters in the early 16th century. They are very tough and fearless. In addition, Crain Terrier are suspicious to intruders so, they should always be taught to behave properly around people.

Are Cairn Terrier Child-friendly?

Yes, Cairn Terrier are very affectionate with children. They love spending time with their little play mates. And while some dogs don’t like rough games that children paly, the Crain Terrier loves playing those kind of games.

But, it does not mean that every Crain loves the company of small children. Some Crain Terrier might not want to play around children as well. Adult supervision is always required when your children are around your Crain Terriers.

Care Needed For Crain Terrier

  • Crain Terrier are hunting dogs. They would require hours of training to maintain their energy level.
  • Crain have shaggy coat. You should brush them once or twice a week to maintain a healthy coat.
  • Everyday training is compulsory for Crain Terriers. At least 45 minutes of training will help them to thrive all the positive behavior.

All in all, now that you have read about the personality and temperament of Crain Terriers, it is your responsibility to give them proper love and care. They require a lot of positive behavior from their owner as they are very sensitive breed.

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