Cairn Terriers are a very intelligent and tough breed. They are fearless and competitive as well. These breeds need to be trained from an early age to attain positive behavior. They are known to be stubborn and strong headed dogs.

They might not be easy to train if you are not confident enough. If they sense any lack of confidence, they will leave no time to dominate you. Therefore, here are some training tips and methods which can be helpful while training a Cairn Terrier.

When and Where To Start The Training?

You should start the training process when they reach the age of 8 weeks old. It is the perfect time to train them as they will be mature enough to understand the training commands.

Cairn Terrier can be trained both at home and at puppy training classes. However, training them at home makes them more comfortable as they will be around the familiar area and people.

Cairn Terrier Playing Ball. Image Source – Pinterest.

At first, start the training with some simple tricks and basic commands. Such as, ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’. All the commands should be followed by hand gestures to make them easier to understand.

How To Define To Cairn Terrier?

The easy way to define tasks to Cairn Terrier is to keep it simple and short. Training should be consistent so that the dog gets habituated with the training and commands.

Cairn Terrier In Agility Training. Image Source – Flickr.

If you are not confident enough while training your dog, then your Cairn Terrier might find it hard to understand commands. Hence, always seek help from the professionals in such cases.

Cairn Terrier are not always easy to train. They might get stubborn at times, however, you cannot punish your dog. Punishing is never a solution, rather encourage your pet with some treats and toys.

Training Process

There are a lot of training methods than can be applied while training a Cairn Terrier. However, these are some important and easy training methods that you should teach your dog.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the best training methods which works with any breed. Since Cairn Terrier is strong-headed and independent dogs, this training method works well with them.

This methods is all about positive attitude which basically tells you to encourage and motive your Cairn Terrier, rather than punishing them. Furthermore, to get the best results, rewarding their best behavior and encouraging time to time is the only way.

Leash Training

Cairn Terrier is a happy dog when socialized at an early age. In addition, these dogs are also very observant. Moreover, when they are left outside, they might want to chase other animals.

Cairn Terrier Walking On Leash. Image Source – Petmoo.

These dogs are also very curious and stubborn at times. It is very important you walk your Cairn Terrier on a leash for their own safety. While introducing leash to Cairns, start with a shorter distance initially.

When they are comfortable enough to walk on leash, you can take them to dog parks and even attach the leash on your bike. Nonetheless, leash training is very important for Cairn Terrier.

Alpha Dog or Dominance

Your dog sees you as the member of his pack. It also means that they may try to dominate you. Cairn Terrier may think that they are the alpha of your house, which should be corrected.

In this training, you should make your Cairn Terrier clear that they are not the alpha of the house but you are. In this alpha training there are certain rules you must teach your dog to follow. Such as, not allowing them on the furniture, on your bed and eating before your Cairn Terrier.

Training Strategies and Techniques

These are some training techniques to apply while training a Cairn Terrier.

  • Avoid punishments. Using punishments and harsh words will only demotivate your Cairn Terrier rather than boosting their energy.
  • Giving them their own space helps in a lot of things. Giving them their own bed and space to play helps them to feel comfortable and relax on their own territory.
  • Bond between you and your Cairn Terrier. Creating a strong bond with your dog helps you to understand their behavior which can be helpful during the training sessions as well.

To conclude, for a dog, training is the most important part of owning them. Do not expect anything from your Cairn Terrier. Instead, prepare yourself on how to give them the best way of living. If you want a best companion in the house, it is important that you train your dog from an early age.

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