The Cavachon is a small-sized dog breed bred by mixing the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is a lively, friendly, and loving temperament of a dog. A first-time or a novice owner can own this breed. It does well in apartment life as well due to its size and minimum activity requirements.

Training Cavachon is not a difficult job to do as long as you are a firm leader. They are smart and quick at learning new instructions which makes training easier. Today, you will learn about the training methods and strategies to use for your Cavachon.

When to Train Cavachon?

Training Cavachon should be started as early as possible when they are keen to please their owner. The basic obedience training should be started when they are 6-8 weeks. Socialization should be started when the puppy gets 12 weeks old. The early the training, the more effective and fast will be the result. Teach them their name and basic commands like sit, come, rollover, etc.

Cavachon sitting on a rock
Cavachon sitting on a rock.
Image Source: Pets4Homes

for more advance training, you should wait till they master the basic. Basic should usually be completed by the age of 6 months. As the Cavachon puppy gets 6 months old, it is time for their advance training. Teach them different tricks and dog’s sports like flyball, dock jumping etc. It will keep them mentally challenged and stimulated.

Where to Train Cavachon?

For basic obedience training, you can train them at the comfort of the house. They do not need big space to perform their training. Make sure to remove any object that might distract your dog while you teach him the commands. Make the training session short but fun so your dog does not get bored and find things to entertain himself.

For socialization, you need to take your Cavachon puppy out in a place with people and other dogs like a park. Make them interact with many people and dogs. For advanced training, you can take them either to an open space or in the backyard of the house. Make sure to keep your dog on a leash while taking him out.

How to Define Task?

To define a certain task for your Cavachon, you need to use particular word for a particular task. For instance, for the basic task like making your dog sit, come, stop, use the same words or you can use different words. However, use only one word for a task, so it becomes easy for your dog to catch a command.

You can also demonstrate them some of the advance training. They will look at how you do it and follow you. For example, if you want your dog to do roll over, you can do it yourself and teach him to follow. This way is known to be effective for a quick result.

Training Process

The Cavachon dog is a smart and also easy breed to train. They do not need an experienced trainer or a dog owner for training. You can do it yourself if you became consistent and firm while training.

Leadership: Establishing leadership at an early age as the Cavachon puppies are smart enough to soak commands and information like a sponge. Be a gentle and consistent leader with a strong mind who can take over the alpha role.

Socialization: Socialization is an important part of any dog’s life. Introduce them to different people and canines at an early age. It will make them be familiar with human as well as dog’s world. It will make them comfortable around them and not scared or aggressive.

Residential training for Cavachon.

Positive Reinforcement: The Cavachon tends to respond well to the positive method of training. So, while training them, provide them with treats and vocal praises as soon as they complete a certain task. Do not use harsh words or raise a hand on them even if they make some mistakes. It might make them scared or even aggressive.

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