The Chiribaya Dog is an extinct breed of herding dogs from the southwest of Peru. These small-sized dogs were used to herd llamas on the southern coast of Peru.

The Chiribaya Dog was a short-legged dog with a long snout, long fur, and a longer body. It had cropped ears, medium-sized tail, and dark spots on the back and head.

Origin & History

The Chiribaya Dog is believed to have originated centuries ago as diligent herding dogs. The breed is so ancient that people claim that it might have been a pre-Columbian dog. Furthermore, it was first identified by a Peruvian anthropologist Sonia Guillén Oneglio, who discovered 42 mummies in 2006.

The Chiribaya Dog’s mummy found in 2006.
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Not only were the Chiribaya Dogs were used as llama herding dogs, but they were also an important part of the ancient Peruvians. They were treated like human beings, even after their death.

To clarify, they were buried in pet cemeteries built only for them with blankets and foods. The motive behind this is to hope that these dogs would stay happy also in their afterlife.

How Did The Chiribaya Dog Become Extinct?

There are no records of when the Chiribaya Dogs exactly became extinct. However, the study of the dog mummies revealed that the mummies were buried somewhere in the late middle period i.e. c.900 to 1250 CE. Hence, it is pretty clear that these dogs went extinct by the mid-13th or 14th century.

The surprising thing about the extinction of this breed is why it became extinct? It is because these dogs were favored a lot by the ancient Peruvians and treated like their own children. Though the reason behind their disappearance is not clear yet, they might have vanished due to some health issues.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

The Chiribaya Dog had an affectionate, loyal, and friendly temperament. They were selected as herding dogs because of their kind and gentle behavior around other animals. Their bold and lovable personality suited them and made them excellent watchdogs and guard dogs.

Was Chiribaya Dog a Child-Friendly Breed?

Yes, the Chiribaya Dog was a child-friendly dog breed because of its tolerant and friendly nature. As they loved gaining affection, they would enjoy being around children. Plus, the fact that they were so kind and gentle made them perfect allies for the kids. These herding dogs also served as excellent guardians of their little humans.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The Chiribaya Dog was also known as Perro Chiribaya, Pastor Peruano, Peruvian Shepherd, Pastor Chiribaya, Peruvian Herding Dog, and Chiribaya Shepherd.
  • Besides being used in herding, these dogs were treated very nicely by the Peruvians.
  • It resembled the modern Golden Retriever a lot.
Chiribaya Dog has become extinct for a long time.


The Chiribaya Dog was found in the following three colors:

  • Beige
  • Reddish
  • Yellow


The Chiribaya Dog’s weight ranged between 24-31 pounds (10-14 kg) whereas they stood somewhere around10-12 inches (25-30 cm).


On average, a mother Chiribaya Dog used to give birth to 1-14 puppies at a time.

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