The Dalbo Dog is an extinct Molosser dog breed from Sweden that existed till the 20th century. These large-sized dogs were used to guard and herd the livestock by the Swedish people.

The Dalbo Dog had a huge and heavy body with long fur, strong legs, and straight ears.

Origin & History

The origin of the Dalbo Dog is believed to be from the time of the Icelandic Sagas. It is said that the Vikings owned huge, large cattle/guard/war dogs after they invaded Britain. Moreover, those dogs which they acquired from Britain are thought to be the descendants of the Molosser breeds left by the Roman.

The Dalbo Dog was used as herding and guard dogs in Sweden.

The very first written mention of this breed was in the book ‘Dalia’ written by Gunno Brynolphi Blutherus in 1632 AD. It was again mentioned in 1843 AD’s book ‘Bohuslän’s History and Description’ by Axel Emanuel Holmberg. After that, the oral history of these dogs was claimed to be around 1700 AD.

In the books, the writers have described these dogs as giant dogs who killed wolves and fought against brown bears. They also praised the bravery of this breed claiming that they fought till their death to protect humans from wolf packs. Furthermore, they also retrieved and defended the children lost in the deep forests of Sweden.

How Did Dalbo Dog Become Extinct?

Most historians and ancestors state that the Dalbo Dog became extinct around the late 19th or early 20th century. The extinction of this breed is somehow linked with the near wipe-out of bears and wolves in Scandinavia which happed in 1890. After that, it became very expensive to own large dogs and the Dalbo Dogs also no longer filled the purpose.

Some even say that the Dalbo Dogs vanished suffering a devastating spread of Rabies in 1954. The breed is also said to have disappeared following the great Swedish famine that occurred in 1867-1868. When an inventory or a survey was done in 1913, no numbers of this breed were recorded. This proved their extinction and the loss of a gorgeous guarding dog breed.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

The Dalbo Dog had a courageous, bold, and protective temperament. As they were raised and bred for guarding and herding cattle and livestock, they behaved with other animals very gently. In the absence of their masters, they protected the house and property from any kind of wild animal. Therefore, these brave and fearless dogs were excellent pet dogs.

Was Dalbo Dog A Child-Friendly Breed?

Yes, the Dalbo Dog was a child-friendly breed because of its friendly and guarding instinct. As mentioned earlier, these dogs were used to retrieve and bring back the children lost in the forests safely. Needless to say, they knew how to behave with kids and protect them from any potential threat. Hence, they made excellent play buddies and guardians for children.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The Dalbo Dog was also known as Dalbo Hound.
  • It closely resembled the modern Estrela Mountain Dog.
  • Though it is a Swedish breed, it was rare and difficult to find even in Sweden.
The Dalbo Dog was not common even in Sweden.


The Dalbo Dog was found in the following colors:

  • Dark/Black
  • Brown
  • White


The Dalbo Dog had a height ranging between 29.52-31.49 inches (75-80 cm) whereas they weighed somewhere around 45-60 lbs (20-27 kg).


On average, a mother Dalbo Dog gave birth to 2-6 puppies at a time.

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