Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a working dog that was extremely popular among the farms of Denmark and southern Sweden. They are a very hard-working dog with a strong body and Fox Terrier-like appearance.

As a working dog, Danish-Swedish Farmdog has a high level of activity. So, they are best suited for an active dog owner who can meet up to their energy level. A house with a yard is beat for them to roam around and have some exercise of their own.

Temperament of Danish-Swedish Farmdog?

This medium-sized Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a well-tempered, extremely friendly, and outgoing dog. They are full of energy and a well-mannered dog that greets everyone in a friendly manner.

They do well in a house with children as well as other pets. They might take small pets as their prey, so proper care should be taken and they should be raised together from an early age.

Danish-Swedish Farmdog is an energetic dog, so they should be kept in a well-fenced yard. They might go chasing some small animals as they have a hunting instinct sometimes. Regular exercise like walking and dog game should be provided to them, otherwise, they might get destructive and anxious.

Danish-Swedish farmdog is a very active dog
Danish-Swedish Farmdog playing ball.
Image Source: EasyPetMD

Personality of Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a highly adaptable dog that is also very intelligent. It is very loving and affectionate with its people and thrives on their attention and love. They had the history as guard dogs, so they also serve as perfect watchdogs today.

They are a very smart dog that is eager to learn new things and eager to please their owner. They tend to catch on new commands and tricks quickly. With the right and consistent leadership, your Danish-Swedish Farmdog can be a well trained and well-mannered dog. Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises.

Is Danish-Swedish Farmdog Child-Friendly?

Danish-Swedish Farmdog gets along with children of all age vet well. They are friendly, loving, and playful around them which makes them an excellent play partner for kids.

Although they are friendly dogs, their interaction should be supervised with small kids as small children might play rough sometime. Teach your kids to behave around dogs and handle them with love.

Kids walking Danish-Swedish Farmdog
Kids walking Danish-Swedish Farmdog.
Image Source: Instagram-@elias_the_farmdog

What makes Danish-Swedish Farmdog Aggressive?

Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a mild-tempered dog that is not aggressive at all. They are very friendly with people as well as other pets in the house. However, if they are raised in a harsh environment with a forceful hand, they can either become fearful or aggressive. So, their aggression depends on the way they are raised but naturally, they are friendly dogs.

How Does Danish-Swedish Farmdog Behave Around Strangers?

Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are suspicious of strangers and they watch them closely for any abnormal behavior. Although they are not aggressive towards them, they will bar and war their owner about their approach or if they sense any odd behavior from them.

With proper introduction, they are friendly with visitors at the house and greet them warmly. Early socialization will do a lot in their behavior around strangers. Expose them with a variety of people at a young age.

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