The Dutch Shepherd was originated in the Netherlands as a shepherd that used to heard and watch livestock. They are of medium-sized with a strong and athletic body. Although they were used as a shepherd dog, they also were and are still used as a companion and guard dog.

They do best with an active family that can fulfill their regular activities requirement. They do not do well in an apartment as they need an area where they can roam around and be contained. So, a rural area or a house with a yard is best for them to live in.

Temperament of the Dutch Shepherd

The temperament of the Dutch Shepherd is lively, intelligent, and hardworking. They make an excellent companion for a family that enjoys hiking or running. They are very hard-working dogs that live to work and known as a workaholic.

Dutch Shepherd is also very loving and affectionate towards their family and are protective of them. Devoted to their family and forming a very strong bond to one person from the family is what makes them special and one of the best family pet.

As mentioned above that the Dutch Shepherd is a workaholic, it is necessary to provide them with enough exercise. If they do not get enough exercise that they need on a daily basis, they can get anxious and destructive.

They need both physically and mentally challenging activity, otherwise, they become depressed. Provide them with enough physical and mental stimulation for their fit body and happy life.

Dutch Shepherd agility
Brindle Dutch Shepherd in agility training.
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Personality of the Dutch Shepherd

The personality if the Dutch Shepherd is gentle, loving, and alert. They are full of energy, friendly, and also affectionate. They are very protective of their people and properties. If they find someone is intruding, they will make sure to let you know by barking.

So, they are also known as great watchdogs that will look after your family and your property. They will curl under your feet after a long day and like to be patted and cuddled.

Training Dutch Shepherd is not a tough job to do as long as you are an experienced dog owner. Provide them with a firm and consistent training and develop leadership on them.

Use positive methods of training which will motivate and encourage them to be focused on the training. Be patient with them enroll them in advance agility once basic obedience training is completed.

Is Dutch Shepherd Child-Friendly?

Dutch Shepherd is well suited and best for a family with children of all ages. They are playful and gentle with kids and also tolerate their harsh behavior like pulling and pinching.

Although they are tolerant of kids harsh behavior, elderly supervision is always necessary. Teach your children to behave around dogs and be loving with them.

A baby girl and Dutch Shepherd playing
A baby girl and Dutch Shepherd playing.
Image Source: Instagram-@zarlaprotectsherpack

What Makes Dutch Shepherd Aggressive?

Dutch Shepherd is not an aggressive dog in general. They are loving with its family and suspicious of strangers but not aggressive unless they sense some threat from them. Train them with gentleness as your behavior will reflect on them. If you are harsh with them, then they tend to become defensive and aggressive.

How Does Dutch Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

Dutch Shepherd does not trust strangers easily and will bark at them if they see them approaching them. They need to be introduced properly with visitors and guest at home to make them welcoming of visitors. Early socialization with a variety of people is necessary.

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