The gentle giants, Great Dane are easygoing and well-mannered dogs. Seeing their commanding presence and muscular build, many would believe that they are an aggressive dogs ruining the neighbour’s yard. But once you get to know them, you won’t find a dog as friendly as the giant Great Dane.

As you’ve landed on our page, you may already have a giant in your house or if you are planning to add Great Dane to your family then there are certain things you should know about them to keep them happy.

Are Great Dane Dangerous Or Aggressive?

No! Great Dane aren’t dangerous as they look. Due to their large structure people may be afraid of getting familiar with them. But the moment they start getting attached to them, your friends and neighbours will be jealous with you and your furry friend.

Great Danes are family dogs, and thrive when they are with their human counterparts. They need attention and affection from their family to stay happy and healthy. Adding to that, they do not do well when they are left alone for a long time which will make them barkers.

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Great Dane becomes predators when they see something running. They are known to chase small animals like rabbits, cats, and other small animals. These gentle giants look dangerous but aren’t until they sense something unusual or unless you need defending. They are very protective of their territory and their family.

Because they are huge, they can be bossy if undisciplined. Obedience training is essential, but Great Danes are very sensitive and should be trained with cheerful methods. Harshness confuses them and makes them distrustful.

What Kind of Personality Do The Gentle Giants Have?

The Great Dane is known to have sweet, eager to please, people-oriented personalities. They love to play and is very calm with children as well as elderly people. Great Dane always want someone with them and love being where the family is. They aren’t independent dogs rather they will depend on you. He likes people even strangers and will welcome your visitors wagging its tail.

Being unaware of their size, many Great Danes wish they were lap-dogs and will try to sit on your lap to get more attention. Aside of their lovable personalities, they are exceptionally courageous dogs as they were bred to be hunters.

While every dog has it’s own unique personality. It is hard to predict a dog’s behavior as it is shaped on how you raise them. Here are some factors that influence your dog’s behavior.


Training is the most essential factor that affects your dog’s temperament and personality. These dogs are known to be highly intelligent and are quick learners. They tend to be very attentive during their training sessions. Since they love their owners, training would not be a problem as they always want to please their loved ones. Professionals recommend starting the training process when they reach eight months old.


It is always important to use a reputable breeder when bringing home a Great Dane. Make sure to stay away from unknown sources that could be breeding dogs with health issues or unfavorable personality traits. If you are concerned about your dog’s character it is important to meet one or both of his parents. This will help you on how his personality and temperament will develop.


The next important factor is early socialization. Like any other dogs, making them socialize from their puppy age will help them on how to behave or interact with a stranger and other animals. Most dogs who have poor behavior and tends to be more aggressive is due to the lack of socialization.

Great Dane Are Good With Children

Yes, of course! Because of their natural inactive nature, they are very friendly, sweet, and gentle with children. They love playing and participating in kid’s games. This is especially a plus point for households with children. Their gentle, playful, and loving personalities get along very nicely with kids, as long as the child is big enough to handle such a huge breed.

Once a Great Dane is added to a household, they will act as if they were just another member of the family and will do whatever it costs to protect his territory.

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