Japanese Spitz is an excellent companion for a family that has a loving, happy, playful disposition. They are known for their wonderful temperament and are popular all around the world. They have a square body that is covered with a thick double-coat.

Japanese Spitz is a very adorable dog with a fluffy body and happy face. They need a loving family that can give them enough time and all the love they required. They are suitable in an apartment too as long as they are taken outdoor for regular physical activities.

Temperament of the Japanese Spitz

The temperament of the Japanese Spitz is friendly, happy, loving, and alert. They are a friendly dog that is playful, sociable and makes an ideal family pet. They are also alert of the activities and will sound an alarm if they sense anything suspicious going on in the surrounding. Therefore they make a great watchdog.

It enjoys the company of its people and thrives on their attention. If they are left alone for a long period of time without any human company, they tend to get depressed and destructive. They will start chewing on stuff, barking and disturbing your neighbor. Therefore, it is not a great idea to leave them alone for a long period of time.

Japanese Spitz on the field
Japanese Spitz on the field.
Image Source: Dog Zone

Personality of the Japanese Spitz

The personality of the Japanese Spitz is active, playful, and affectionate. They are a very active dog that loves to play with you. So involve them in mild physical activities as they do not need heavy exercise. They are a smart dog that is not hard to train as long as you are firm with them.

Japanese Spitz cannot be trained by a novice dog owner. They need an experienced dog owner who can train them with consistency. Start with basic obedience training and once they master the basics, enroll the to agility. Use a positive method of training by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises.

Is Japanese Spitz Child-Friendly?

Japanese Spitz gets along with children very well. They are playful and loving with children which makes them an excellent playmate for kids. Although they are small and small kids might play rough with them by pinching and pulling their skin. So, close supervision is always needed to avoid any kind of harsh behavior from either party.

Japanese Spitz and a baby
Japanese Spitz and a baby.
Image Source: Instagram-@buddyjspitz

What Makes Japanese Spitz Aggressive?

Japanese Spitz is not naturally an aggressive dog breed but is a loving and friendly dog. Although if they are raised in a harsh environment, they can become aggressive. So the type of environment they are raised in also determines their nature.

How Does Japanese Spitz Behave Around Strangers?

Japanese Spitz makes a good watchdog due to their tendency to bark if the see any strangers approaching them. They are not aggressive or likely to bite strangers but will bark at them. After a proper introduction, they become friendly and playful with the guest and visitors in the house. Socialization with a variety of people is necessary at a small age.

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