Karelian Bear dogs are Finnish breed with Spitz-like characteristics from fluffy coates to curly tail. Like its name says, ‘Bear Dog’ they are powerfully built to hunt larger animals like bear, wild boar and even moose.

Karelian Bear dogs are primitive dogs, but if you want to spend enough time training and socializing your bear dog then this breed can be a wonderful addition in the family.

Temperament of Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian dog’s temperament simply depends on its mood. The bear dog cannot always be the best choice for families who can’t train or spend enough time with them. They tend to become aggressive and stubborn with other pets.

Karelian Bear Dog Hunting Bear.
Karelian Bear Dog Chasing Big Black Bear. Image Source- National Geographic.

The Bear dogs should be socialized and kept under powerful authority to make them realize that they live in a pack and should respect their leader. If properly socialized and trained they can be good family dogs.

Karelian Bear dogs are extremely loyal and aggressive at the same time. They are alert watch dogs who will bark to make you know visitors are coming and their bark are hard to ignore since they have loud deep barks.

Personality Traits of Karelian Bear Dog


Karelian Bear dogs are very brave and fearless as they were bred to hunt big animals. Similarly, these breeds will protect their territory and loved ones till life without any hesitation and backing up.


These Bear dogs tend to be highly independent. To look a close eye in their history, these breeds worked on their own and are not always pack-minded instead they prefer their master than other dogs. Karelian’s independent personality may lead to stubbornness.


Anxiety and stress are not new in Karelian. In other words, these dogs are prone to have separation anxiety compared to other dogs. The Bear dogs are devoted to their masters and will likely to be depressed if left alone for prolonged period by their masters.


Energetic is the another word to describe the Karelin Bear Dogs. They are known to have boundless energy which makes the novice owners hard to train and handle them. However, without regular and proper exercise, they will become aggressive, stubborn and destructive.


The Karelian Dog are known to be extremely loyal to their masters if trained properly. Above all you will have a wonderful company for years and years. Despite their loyalty, they should be treated with full affection meaning, they should not be treated harshly.

Are Karelian Bear Dog Child Friendly?

The Karelian Bear dogs can be good with children especially if they are raised with them. Since they love playing outdoor, they will thrive with their playmate. However, they will try to dominate the little ones which should be taught immediately that its not an acceptable behavior.

Karelian Bear Dog love Playing With Kids.
Karelian Bear Dog Are Child Friendly. Image Source- karelianbeardogsnj.

Karelian and children should not left alone together. They should be kept under supervision as they are naturally aggressive, they may bark if they feel any threat towards itself which may scare the kids.

How Is It To Live With The Bear Dogs?

Living with a Karelian Bear Dog is a huge challenge in itself. Since, they are energetic and natural hunters it may become hard to train and avoid prey driving. The Karelian should be socialized and send to obedience classes to have a better version of them.

Your Karelian is playful, friendly and outgoing. Meaning, if you want a Karelian Bear dog then waking up early in the morning and regular evening walks will be your part of the daily routine. They are happy breed when they spend enough time playing and hunting.

To sum up, the native dogs of Finland, Karelian Bear Dogs can be good family dogs if properly raised and trained. The behavior depends upon how you raise them. Treat your dog with lots of affection and you will receive the same back to you.

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