The Keeshond are medium sized Spitz dog who makes an excellent guard dogs, watch dogs as well as fantastic family dogs. The fluffy Keeshond are happiest when they are spending their most of the time with their loved ones.

If you want a sturdy looking dog yet medium-sized, beautiful and fluffy then Keeshond maybe the right breed for you. Even the novice owner can enjoy and feel easy to handle the Keeshonds.

Living With Keeshond

Keeshond are recommended for both apartment dwellers and those with a big back yard. Since they are medium sized dogs, they will adjust themselves anywhere whether in your lap or under the table. They are very playful because they know it grabs attention. They are very attention seeker and will likely interrupt you when you ignore them.

Keeshond Huggind Its Owner.
Keeshond Loving The Moment. Image Source- Instagram @streetdragonrider

Kees were bred to guard barges but they don’t need much training and outdoor times as much as you think. A well socialized and trained Keeshond are neither aggressive nor timid or shy. They love people whether its their owner or visitors, the happy dog will welcome everyone wagging their tails since they will get enough attention from intruders.

Friendly Personality of Keeshond

Keeshond are happy dogs who loves people. They thrive when they’re between their family members. Keeshond are first and foremost a devoted friend you can ever have. The Kees may become self-directed and independent at times which makes training a bit challenging but they are quick learners when followed by treats and reinforcements.

Keeshond's Cat Friend.
Keeshond’s Best Friend. Image Source- boris_the_maine

The Keeshond is lively, playful at the same time they’re alert dogs. They love sharing their joy with people twirling in circles. Kees are not aggressive towards other animals rather they will have a good time playing together.

Keeshond Have Even Temperament

Keeshond are one of the most well-mannered dog breed among all. They won’t do anything which will make you upset. Kees are highly sociable and loving towards everyone however, they may become barkers if ignored.

Keeshond loves playing.
Keeshond’s New Play Place. Photo Credit- Instagram @beertjehetkeesje

Kees are truly family dogs and will easily develop separation anxiety if not given proper time or left alone. Keeshond are not recommended for homes if they cannot spend time with their pet. They will become barkers, stubborn and destructive when alone. Similarly, they may ruin your valuable things chewing up.

Behavior Towards Children

Keeshond are extremely good with children as they love playing and getting attention, they make a wonderful pair with kids of all ages. Even more, kids who can play with them all day long, teach them new tricks will become Keeshond’s best friend.

Watch Keeshond And Baby Playing.

The Keeshond will sit on your kids lap and follow them around the house. They will even enjoy their friends study time as they will quietly sit beside them waiting for their friend to finish and play.

To conclude, despite being bred as guard dogs, Keeshond has the special personality of being a wonderful companion as well as alert dogs in the house. They are lively which will never make you depressed or bored. However, the behavior depends on the quality of the breed as well as your raising. Make sure to buy a Keeshond puppy from a reputable breeder.

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