King Shepherd is the handsome mix of the German Shepherd, the Shiloh Shepherd, and other dog breeds. It is powerful, strong, muscular but also gentle, loving, and smart.

It has a very much similar appearance of the famous German Shepherd but King Shepherd has a longer coat, more sturdy body, and more mild temperament.

King Shepherd is bred as a working dog but was also focused on its temperament that can be suitable to become a family companion. So, it has got a mild temperament that is best suited for all aged people in a family.

However, it is not suitable in an apartment and needs an open place to perform their regular vigorous activities.

Temperament of King Shepherd

The temperament of King Shepherd is loyal, devoted, fearless, and confidant. The first impression that anyone gets by looking at a King Shepherd is dangerous and fierce but it is a very gentle and friendly dog breed.

They are very protective of their family that will not let any threat r harm come near their people. So, King Shepherd akes an excellent guard dog with full devotion.

King Shepherd thrives in the regular vigorous amount of activities. They need to be taken out for dog’s sports, hiking or running. They need good amount of activities for a healthy body and mind.

If they are not provided with any activities, they tend to get anxious, depresses, and destructive. So if you are not an active dog owner that will not be able to invest their time with King Shepherd, then you must not own one.

King Shepherd playing balls on the field
King Shepherd playing balls on the field.
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Personality of King Shepherd

The personality of King Shepherd is friendly, playful, gentle, and trustworthy. They are a very loyal dog breed that is fully devoted to their family and are extremely protective of them.

They are friendly and playful that gets along with other pets as well. King Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog breed that can be trained easily.

Training King Shepherd needs an experienced dog owner that knows its temperament. The master should be firm and consistent that can train them with positive methods of training.

Reward them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises as the are quick to respond to positive reinforcement. Never be harsh on them even if they make some mistake while training.

Is King Shepherd Child-Friendly?

King Shepherd is a nanny for children as they adore kids and look after them. They are very playful towards them yet at the same time, they are very protective of them.

They do not mind the harsh behavior of small kids and are tolerant of their pinching and pulling. Always supervise their interaction and guide your kids to behave and be gentle with dogs.

King Shepherd looking after a baby
King Shepherd looking after a baby.
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What Makes King Shepherd Aggressive?

King Shepherd is generally very loving and gentle dog which is even more gentle then German Shepherd. They are protective of their people, so if there is any threat coming towards their family, they tend to get aggressive. Other than that, they are known to be gentle breed who loves and protects its people.

How Does King Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

King Shepherd is aloof towards strangers but is not likely to get aggressive towards them unless there is harm from to their people from strangers. If there are some visitors at house or unknown person in their territory, they are likely to bark and warn their owner about their presence.

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