Kishu Ken is a medium sized dog with beautiful eyes and fluffy tail. According to the legends, the Japanese wanted to create a perfect breed and as a result, we all know the dog Kishu Ken.

Kishu Kens are almost wolf-like dogs who can track their preys in any environment with their outstanding smelling sense. If you can invest enough time in their daily activity requirements then this breed may be right for you.

Living With Kishu Ken

Kishu Ken is known to be extremely loyal and devoted to their family members. They are brave and agile and will simply risk their lives to save their masters if needed.

Watch This Cute Kishu Ken Playing.

Living with Kishu Ken is like adopting a healthy lifestyle. They are highly energetic and will require daily and heavy activities. However, they are wild from hearts, they should be properly trained and socialized from an early age.

Kishu Ken’s Personality And Temperament Traits

Kishu Kens are intelligent and highly trainable dog breed. However, because of their hunting instincts, they may have high prey drive and small animals like guinea pigs hamsters and rabbits should be kept away. They are pack-oriented and may try to rise to the position if they sense any lack of confidence in the master.

Kishu Ken. Image Source- Instagram @natchan_yuukun

Kishu Inu are agile and playful therefore rejoice in outdoor rather than indoor. They will feel like they’re cooped up indoor. They will enjoy interactive sessions with people and thrive in human counterparts. Kishus should be introduced with new peoples to avoid shyness and aggression at the same time.

Are Kishus Child Friendly?

Kishus are clever enough when with kids. They are gentle and protective towards children. However, they may try to lead them and tend to dominate them.

Kishu Ken love being outdoor which makes playing fun and interesting. Kids who can teach them new tricks can be best suited for Kishus. But, don’t forget to supervise your child while playing with Kishu Ken. They might become rough players losing their self-control.

To wrap up, Kishus are wonderful choice for families who can spend most of the time with their pet and give them healthy daily activities.

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