With a loyal, friendly, active and trustworthy personality, the Karelian Bear is considered to be a unique dog breed with lots of good qualities.

Karelian Bear Dogs can gove about 4-8 puppies at a time. Despite their good temperaments the Karelian Bear is likely to become aggressive to other dogs and tend to be defensive around strangers, it is important to start your Karelian Bear socializing from their puppy age

Newborn Stage

The newly born Karelian Bear puppies are small, cute and quite fascinating. They are born deaf and blind and are not even to able to regulate their body temperature. They take the help of their mother and siblings to make themselves warm.

The first days of their life may not be actively-packed as they spent the whole day sleeping, eating and pooping. As a parent, you should ensure that your Karelian Bear grows around healthy and happy dogs.

Neonatal Stage (0-2 weeks)

The Neonatal stage of Karelian Bear is between their birth to two weeks. At this stage, they are do not develop too much but are able to smell and feel which helps them find their mothers breast. Their mother’s milk helps them prevent diseases.

Transitional Stage (2-4 weeks)

Karelian Bear puppies start their transitional life when their eyes open and end when the pup first reaction on hearing the noise.

In this stage there are several changes in them the Karelian Bear pup is able to see, hear stand and walk around. During this time their all senses start to function.

Socialization Stage (4-12 weeks)

The socialization stage starts somewhere between 4-12 weeks. It is the most important period in Karelian Bear dog’s puppies life because it is the time when they are able to socialize among people and around which helps them to be fearless and confident in the future.

Karelian Bear Is An Active and Intelligent Breed
Karelian Bear Puppy Being Carried.
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If your Karelian Bear do not receive the good amount of socialization during this period then they tend to be fearful and unfamiliar with people and other dogs.

Juvenile Stage (6- 12 months)

The Juvenile stage is somewhere between 6 to 12 months. For Karelian Bear dogs, this age is like ‘elementary school age’ as they are mostly influenced by people and their surroundings. Their teeth will grow and will be able to chew properly.

Adolescent Stage

Karelian Bear Is An active And  Intelligent Breed
Adult Karelian Bear Image Via Dogtime

The Adolescent stage is between 6 months-1 years and their behavior starts to change. At this stage the Karelian Puppy reaches puberty. By this time, their minds are fully developed and they are able to run around and they are even able to eat dog foods. This is the age when you will enjoy playing with them and taking them for walks and long drives.

The Karelian Bear puppies are smart and intelligent. The Karelian bear Puppies need firm and consistent training and as well as leadership in during their whole life.

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