The Labradoodle is the creation of crossbreeding Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. It is a medium to the large-sized dog breed that is friendly and makes a great family companion.

You will not regret getting a Labradoodle as a family pet as it makes an excellent companion for people of all in the family.

Labradoodle is very playful, loving and it can be owned by a novice owner too. They can be an excellent member of the family but needs to be raised in a good environment. Their body is strong that is covered by the curly fur, like that of Poodle. They are best suited in a house with a yard to play.

Temperament of the Labradoodle

The temperament of the Labradoodle is the unique mix of its parents. It gets the smart, loving, and playful temperament of the Poodle. And it has the hard-working, outgoing, and friendly temperament of Labrador Retriever.

They make a great partner for someone who loves hiking, running or strolling around. It needs an active dog owner who can meet up to their energy level.

Labradoodle is a very alert at the same time playful and gentle dog. They are great watchdogs as they end to bark and sound an alarm if they see anything suspicious. Although, they are not great guard dogs because they are gentle and if someone pats them, they will lick them.

Personality of Labradoodle

The personalty of the Labradoodle is loving, playful, and cheerful. They are great with the family members as well as with other pets in the house.

Due to their playful and loving nature, they can make a great partner for small kids and old people. They are an intelligent dog breed that is easy to train as long as a firm and consistent leadership are established.

Labradoodle with its master
Labradoodle with its master.
Image Source: [email protected]

Labradoodle is a very friendly, gentle and amenable dog that suited for both experienced and a novice dog owner. They are witty and smart, so teach them some new tricks that help in mental stimulation. Once basic training is completed, enroll them in advance training.

Is Labradoodle Child-Friendly?

Labradoodle is great with children as they are playful and makes a great playmate for them. They are also tolerant of small children harsh behavior and are not likely to get aggressive towards them.

Although, teach your kids to behave around them and handle them gently. Always supervise their interaction as to avoid any harsh behavior from either party.

A boy with Labradoodle
A boy with having fun with Labradoodle.
Image Source: Instagram-@waldodoodle

What Makes Labradoodle Aggressive?

Labradoodle is not an aggressive dog but in fact, it is very lovable and gentle. They are not likely to get aggressive easily but might show some aggression if they are treated very harshly. Their aggressive behavior is also determined by the environment they are raised in.

So, it is necessary to provide your dog with a friendly environment with the right kind of treatment.

How Does Labradoodle Behave Around Strangers?

Labradoodle is shy around strangers. They can be alert if they see someone coming towards them but are not likely to get aggressive. They need early socialization with a variety of people so they get along with visitors and guest at home very well without getting shy.

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