Sheepadoodle is a designer breed that is developed by crossbreeding the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. It is one of the popular designer breeds among most of the other hybrid breeds.

It is of medium to large-sized depending on the size of Poodle. The average life span of Sheepadoodle is between 12-15 years and in those years it does great as a family companion.

Sheepadoodle is a happy dog that does great home with a single person or with a whole family from small kids to old people. It is a lovely dog with a furry coat that covers its sturdy body. It is very friendly and sweet which makes them a perfect family companion.

Temperament of Sheepadoodle

The Sheepadoodle has a mixed temperament from its parents. It is hard-working, gentle, easy-going like Old English Sheepdog and Intelligent, playful, obedient like Poodle.

This mixed temperament from both of its parents makes Sheepadoodle a unique breed from its parents. With proper raising in a good environment will make them flourish in a loving family.

Despite Sheepadoodle being friendly and gentle, it can become destructive if left alone all by themselves. They thrive on the company and attention of its people and if they do not get all that attention, they tend to become depressed. So it is necessary to keep them some company even other pets in the house when you are out for work.

A girl a happy to meet Sheepadoodle.

Personality of Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle has a very affectionate, loving, and friendly personality. They form a very strong bond with their family and are very loving towards them.

They love to be part of family activities and are happy to help their people. They are active and playful, so one will never get bored around them and you cannot help but play along with them.

The Sheepadoodle needs a good amount of exercise to keep themselves healthy and happy. Take them out for a walk, fetch, or jogging with you. As an intelligent breed, it needs mental stimulation so challenge your Sheepadoodle with some trick training. They are good at catching instruction and commands quickly which makes training easy.

Is Sheepadoodle Child-Friendly?

Yes, Sheepadoodle adores and love children which makes them child-friendly. They are very playful and enjoy the company of kids. They are also tolerant of small kids harsh behavior but this behavior of children should not be encouraged.

Teach your kids to be gentle with dogs and always supervise their interaction.

Cute baby posing for a photo with Sheepadoodle
Cute baby posing for a photo with Sheepadoodle.
Image Source: Instagram-@doodletales

What Makes Sheepadoodle Aggressive?

Sheepadoodle is not at all an aggressive dog. In fact, they are very gentle and loving even with strangers if introduced properly. Although they can growl or bark sometimes if they sense danger or threat from strangers. Otherwise, Sheepadoodle is best known for its gentle and loving nature.

How Does Sheepadoodle Behave Around Strangers?

Sheepadoodle is very warm and welcoming of visitors in the house if they are introduced properly. They are not likely to get aggressive but might bark if they see someone approaching them.

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