Training a Leonberger is moderately challenging, they respond very well to positive training. Leonbergers are graceful dogs, and they appreciate moderate exercise and regular training. Exciting treats and praise can be an important aid in their training.

Leonberger is very energetic and well suited for physically active owners. When they are in their puppyhood, they have more stamina and energy to boast than in adults. As they grow older their energy tends to settle down.

When To Start Training?

The Leonberger puppy’s training starts the moment you bring them home. Formal training of Leonberger Puppies is delayed until they are 6 months old. But it would be too late to start training. By this time they adopt many destructive behaviors and it becomes quite difficult to change their behavior again.

It is better to train them the day you adopt them by giving certain small commands like “go”, “come” and “sit”.

Where To Start Training Your Leonberger?

To handle large dogs like Leonberger would be difficult if they are not socialized properly from an early age. Therefore it is important to start behavior training right away from your home. Teach them house rules, which includes potty training.

For obedience training take them for obedience classes and kinder gardens where they will meet new friends. You can also take them to public places such as parks, shopping malls and walks in the parks, where they can interact with new people, objects, sounds, and situations.

How To Define Task For You Leonberger?

Defining task for a large dog like Leonberger is quite difficult. But here are some solutions which will make you easy defining task.

The Leonberger are sensitive dogs and they do not respond well if they are rudely commanded. Be patient with them and apply positive reinforcement to motivate them. Spend time with them and make them feel special.

Training Process

Positive Reinforce

Positive reinforce is the most used method for any type of dogs. The aim behind this is straightforward. Your Leonberger will repeat the good behavior when it is followed by a reward. It will make them know that their bad behavior does not get the reward.

Clicker Training

The clicker training is based on a device called “clicker”, which will help you to communicate with your Leonberger. The device is quick and sharp which will make a noise such as a whistle or a name suggests. It is used to signal a dog if the desired behavior is completed.

Scientific Training

Scientific training is a difficult method as it relies on the sturdiness of your dog’s daily building and changing. This method is used to understand your Leonberger’s nature and ability.

Leonbergers seems to constantly create a new experiment. So before correcting their behavior, it is really important to understand their behavior first.

Leonberger Is A Large Dog
Leonberger With Child Image Via The Spruce Pets

Strategies And Techniques For Easy Training

Here are some strategies and techniques for easy training Leonberger :

Relation-ship Based Training

Relationship-based training depends upon the relationship between the trainer and the dog. This technique aims to meet the need for dogs and the trainer.

In this technique, you must understand the body language of your dog and must know their favorite toys, foods and which reward motivate them much.

Alpha Dog Or Dominance

Alpha Dog or dominance dog training in dog’s institctual pack mentally and create a relationship of appropriate dominance. When Leonbergers see themselves as the alpha , they need to learn to instead respect their human as the alpha and submit.

Keep Short Training Sessions

The Leonberger are active breeds but if they find your training boring, then they may tend to ignore you or less response you. Therefore you need to make training short and make fun which will help you to hold their attention for long time.

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