Development phases are something that every dog goes through in their life before becoming an adult. In a similar way, the Löwchen or the Little Lion Dog go through a series of development phases before transforming into an adult Löwchen.

As an owner, it is your responsibility to observe every little change that occurs in your puppies’ life. Here are some pieces of information regarding the transformation of Löwchen puppies.

Newborn Stage

The Löwchen puppies are deaf, blind and toothless at the time of their birth. Their immunity level is very low and cannot maintain their body temperature on their own. So, they rely on their mother and litter mates for heat required in their body.

A newborn Löwchen puppy. Image Source: Instagram@raakeli

Neonatal Stage (Birth to 2 weeks)

Despite being not able to hear and see, the Löwchen puppies can smell and sense through which they get near to mother and their littermates.

It is a full development stage where the Löwchen puppies will spend 90% of their time sleeping in order to develop their body organs and brain properly. They rely on their mother’s milk.

Transitional Stage (2 to 4 weeks)

The 2nd week of Löwchen puppies brings startling changes in their lives among which, the opening of sealed eyes and ears are the most exciting. They will become able to walk within 20 days.

A Löwchen puppy with a cute little girl.
Image Source: Instagram@raakeli

The Löwchen puppies will become a bit mature and won’t rely much on their mother. Taste buds develop and they’ll be able to taste. They’ll start playing with their siblings.

Socialization Stage (4 to 12 weeks)

Socialization Stage is a period in which the Löwchen puppies will learn to socialize and adapt themselves accordingly. This period begins from the 4th week and lasts the lifetime.

The period between 4 to 12 weeks for Lowchen puppies is considered very effective for observing new changes in the puppies. They’ll get influenced by the surrounding environment and will start accepting others a part of their family. You’ll need to be careful about this and start formal training as soon as possible by the 50th day.

Juvenile Stage ( 3 to 6 months)

The Juvenile Stage or Elementary School Age is a stage where your Löwchen puppies will experience an increase in their confidence level. It is the pre-adolescent period as the brain development get completed.

Excessive teething and mouthing will be seen as the teeth development also get completed. You’ll start getting challenged for the authority of the leader. The puppies will develop an alpha dog personality and will start becoming aggressive towards other dogs of the same sex.

Adolescent Stage (6 months to 1 year old)

In this stage, the Löwchen puppies will be physically and emotionally matured. Attraction towards other dogs of the opposite sex increases and they’ll be compatible for mating.

A Lowchen dog dressed up as Christmas dogs.
Image Source: Instagram@millielowchen

The learning capacity and habits of an adult Löwchen will be developed and they’ll weigh two-thirds of their adult weight. Switching to solid food items is very important as well as obedience classes and training are.


Lastly, training a Lowchen dog is not so easy task to do. You’ll have to deal with them in a very gentle and kind way so that they can trust you as their mate. Treating them harshly will only result in negative outcomes. So, love your dog and train them as your buddies.

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