Canine anxiety is common in dogs that can affect any dog at any time. They hate being alone, they are terrified of thunder, they may have a social phobia like meeting new people. So for all of this problem, there is a solution that can be used to cure their anxiety.

Melatonin is a sedative hormonal supplement for dogs that is used to treat anxiety, restlessness, and other conditions. It is an excellent supplement in your dog’s diet that improves the health and mood problems in dogs. In this article, we will be covering up melatonin uses, dosages, and also side effects.

Uses of Melatonin for Dogs

As mentioned above, melatonin is used to cure the mood problems of dogs that include insomnia, anxiety, alopecia, and many more. Here is the detailed list of melatonin uses for dogs.

Anxiety Disorder

You have noticed that your pooch is always happy whenever you return home even if you return just after half an hour of being out. It is mainly because your dog was anxious which is ofter referred to separation anxiety. There are other forms of anxiety too like loud noises of thunder, firework and also being around strangers.

Whenever this happens, melatonin will help your dog to get out of it. It will calm and soothe them down as it works as a sedative causing laziness and sleep.

Bulldog sleeping peacefully
Bulldog sleeping peacefully.
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Insomnia is mostly seen in elderly dogs where they will have a problem with sleeping. It is because of old age pain or fear of darkness and in younger dogs, it is due to insufficient production of chemical which helps them sleep. So, with a dose of melatonin, it will regulate the sleeping cycle of your dog.


Alopecia is a term that is used to describe the situation of fur and coat disorder. Some dog faces the problem of excessive hair loss, making bald patches in their body. Melatonin may help your dog and regulates this seasonal hair loss.

Is it Safe for My Dog?

Yes, it is completely safe for your dog if given in the right dose and after consulting a vet. It is a great option for your dog to treat a range of anxiety and phobia. However, never give melatonin without knowing the right dose and without consulting a vet if your dog needs to take it.

How Much is Safe

One only give melatonin to their dog as and when it is needed. The amount of dosage depends on the size, age, and health condition. Even when the melatonin is available in the counter, it is better to consult a vet. It should be provided in the following dosage:

Small dogs: The dosages for a small-sized dog is between 0.5-1 mg.

Medium dogs: The dosages for a medium-sized dog is between 1-3 mg.

Large dogs: The dosages for large-sized dogs is between 3-9 mg.

Do not give them melatonin more than three times a day. If you missed a dose, do not try to double up the dose in the next schedule.

Happy Golden Retriever
Happy Golden Retriever.
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Side Effects of Melatonin in Dogs

The side effect is rare and it is not necessary that the melatonin will have any kind of side effects if given in the right dosages. Also, if there is any side effect, there are only a few which is seen in a rare condition and if overdose on melatonin.

  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and upset of stomach
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Confusion


Well, you know that melatonin is very effective for the mood problems of your dog. Always consult a vet for the right dosage for a certain condition. Keep in mind that only providing a supplement is not a solution. When you are stress, your dog is always there by your side to make you happy and stressfree. So, spend more time with your pet and try to minimize stress on their life too.

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