Norrbottenspets was bred for helping in farming activities, but due to its alertness, it turned into a hunting dog. They are popular for hunting wild animals like geese, raccoon, bear, and moose.

Norrbottenspets dogs are medium-sized dogs with a compact and well-muscled body. This dog is the smallest of all Nordic primitive breeds and its size makes extremely agile and swift. If you can afford to give some time to your pet then Norrbottenspets can be the perfect pets for you.

What Kind of Temperament Do Norrbottenspets Have?

The Norrbottenspets dogs are most known for their gentleness and non-aggressive nature. These dogs have playful, cheerful and gentle temperament making good with every people around them.

Hungry Little Norbottenspets. Image Source- Instagram @maukazu.

Norrbottenspets is a very brave as well as intelligent dog and is extremely loyal to its family. It is a dog with a good attitude because of its friendly nature and eagerness to please. They make an excellent guard dog because of its tendency to bark continuously to warn the owners.

Personality Traits of Norrbottenspets

Intelligent and agile hunter

The hunting instincts of Norrbottenspets dogs were proven and tested so many times because they are smart, agile and swift. These properties are the reason it can easily cope with any kind of terrain. Besides that, Norrbottenspets have excellent sight, hearing, and sense of smell which gives them incredible tracking abilities.

Wonderful family companion dog

The good nature of Norrbotten Spitz saved the entire breed from extinct and became a favorite family companion in Scandinavia. Norbottenspets are, lovely and very affectionate to its family. They are always eager to please their owners to keep them happy.


Norbottenspets are not aggressive and tend to behave according to the situation. They are friendly and will welcome the guests wagging their tails until they sense any unusual.

Are Norrbottenspets Child-Friendly?

Yes, Norrbottenspets dogs are child-friendly because they are the most loving dogs by nature and are very gentle. It is the smallest of all Nordic Spitz dogs and it is the reason the dog is considered one of the best children’s companion dog. On top of that, they are playful, highly energetic and often rambunctious.

Norrbottenspets Enjoying In The Snow With It’s Playmate. Image Source- Instagram @riittao61.

Proper supervision is always important with children as Norrbottenspets dogs may become rough players while playing and may lose control.

How Does It Feel To Live With Norrbottenspets Dogs?

Norrbottenspets dogs are wonderful family companion dogs because they are affectionate, sensitive, loyal and great watchdogs. They are highly intelligent, confident dogs and will protect their family to the fullest.

Norbottenspets Having A Fun Time.

Norrbottenspets dogs do not have a doggy odor, and frequent bathing is not required. However, eyes and ears require cleaning every week to prevent infection. Occasional diagnosis and tests like x-rays will be helpful to maintain a healthy dog.

What Can Make Your Dog Aggressive?

Norrbottenspets dogs are not aggressive towards the strangers but they alert the family members with a loud bark. However, they can be aggressive if not given proper exercises and timely feeding. Similarly, they may get aggressive towards the same sex of dogs.

How Do They Behave Around Strangers?

Norrbottenspets dogs are suspicious of strangers but are not aggressive. They will bark and make their owner alert about someone is approaching the territory.

If you are thinking of adding a pet in your house then Norrbottenspets dogs can be the right choice since they are lively, strong and affectionate breed.

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