The Pekingese is a loyal and friendly breed who were bred to be the loving companions of the imperial family of China and today also they are still great family companions who greet everyone with pleasure and grace.

The Pekingese dogs have a calm and lively nature which likes to spend most of their time indoors. They spend most of their lying on the sofa cushions.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Pekingese Holds?

The temperaments of Pekingese is loving, loyal, courageous, intelligent and affectionate. They are highly affectionate dogs who will form an extremely close bond with its family members. It is not considered to be highly energetic dogs, though they require daily exercise to keep them healthy.

Pekingese Are Affectionate Dogs
Cute Pekingese Dog in a garden.
Image Via Four Legged Guru

The Pekingese is an intelligent breed which will quickly understand anything and it will not take your much time if you need to explain them anything. They will quickly understand what you want from them and how they should do it. But they hold an independent nature so they may tend to ignore you sometimes.

The Pekingese dogs are generally well-behaved, but they tend to bark at every small thing. They bark at strangers, animals, cars and even leaves blowing across the yard.

Personlaity Traits Of Pekingese

The Pekingese carries an active, alert, confident and protective personality. They are happy dogs who generally do well with other dogs and animals.

As Pekingese are highly affectionate, so they make excellent companions for older people who are not busy most of the time and can give enough time and attention to them, as this breed demands a lot of attention.

Pekingese Are Independent Dogs
Pekingese Dog in a field.
Image Via Bow Wow Meow

The Pekingese is a small alert watchdog and will alert you for every small change. They can be aloof with strangers if not properly socialized. They are not nuisance chewers or diggers but can be stubborn at times about learning new things.

Are Pekingese Child-Friendly ?

When it comes to children, we would recommend you if you have been in a family with small children, then Pekingese is not for you. The Pekingese is a proud and a bossy dog who is very possessive over their things including toys, food and sometimes even towards their family members.

The Pekingese dislikes being disturbed by anyone when they are eating and sleeping, they usually don’t allow anybody to grab them, poke or tease them just for no reason. They can be aggressive towards people who disturb them when they are sleeping or eating and will not all hesitate to attack them. So for small children, they are quite dangerous as small children are not aware of their moods.

How Does It Feels To Live With Pekingese?

The Pekingese is an easy-going dog who requires little food to stay healthy. They are fairly active dogs who do not require long walks for exercise. They require plenty of human attention and companionship to stay happy.

The Pekingese is not suitable for everyone, they are not recommended for families with small children and for families who work long hours. They are best suited for retirees or families who stay at home most of their time.

If you are looking for a dog who is small, sturdy and independent and do not require much exercise and who is eager to please you and respects you, then Pekingese is waiting for you.

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