Samoyed is a medium-sized dog that was originated in the northwestern Siberia. It was bred to be a herding and guarding dog. Though they were herding and guarding dogs, now they make a great family companion. They can adopt apartment life as long as they get the required activities.

So, if you are keeping it in an apartment, take it out for a walk, play or for running regularly.

Samoyed is a compact and well-built dog, It has a very dense coat that gives it a fluffy look. They look very adorable and cute that catch eyes of everyone walking past them. They are very friendly and outgoing who get along with almost anyone.

Fluffy Samoyed.

Temperament of the Samoyed

Samoyed has a very active, lively, and friendly temperament. They are a very friendly and fun dog that wants to be involved in all the family activities. They are very devoted to their work and enjoy being engaged in daily chores.

Samoyed is a very active dog and sometimes mischievous but due to its cute and adorable looking, no one really gets mad for it mischievous activities.

Samoyed is very attached to its family and if they are left alone for a long time without any family contact, they can get separation anxiety. Therefore, it is not a very great idea to leave them alone as they will bark continuously and disturb the neighbor around.

Personality of the Samoyed

The personality of the Samoyed playful, active, and fun. They make an excellent companion for people of all ages due to their loving and fun nature. It is a very adaptable and flexible dog that fits in any situation and place. Therefore, anyone can keep this adorable looking, playful dog as their pet and companion.

Samoyed a very lively dog
Samoyed Dogs running in the field.
Image Source: Dog Breed Atlas

Training Samoyed should be started from an early age to get the best out of them. They are very intelligent and tends to catch instruction quickly. As a working dog they are known to be independent, so sometimes their stubbornness hits. Therefore, develop a firm leadership and train them with lots of patience. Rewards them with delicious treats and vocal praises as this will motivate them.

Is Samoyed Child-Friendly?

Samoyed is very friendly with children and gets along with them very well. They are loving and playful with children which makes them excellent playmates and companion for children.

Although they are a friendly dog, always supervised when they are interacting with small kids. They are an energetic dog and might sometime knock over them accidentally.

Samoyed cute moment with kids.

What Makes Samoyed Aggressive?

Samoyed is not at all an aggressive dog but in fact, they are a very gentle and friendly that gets along very well with everyone including other dogs. The only time you could see its aggression is when it is been provoked continuously. Other than that, Samoyed is known to be a very friendly dog.

How Does Samoyed Behave Around Strangers?

Samoyed is rather sociable than reserved around strangers. They will even lick an intruder if they have to. So, it cannot be trusted as a guard or watchdog. Although Samoyed is a sociable dog, it is necessary to socialize them at an early age.

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