If you are looking for a pet which is tall, handsome with slender and elegant personality and who carries themselves in a calm and dignified manner then you should definitely have a glance at Saluki.

Saluki is extremely athletic and energetic breed which is always ready to do activities with their master. Their leggy legs help them run smoothly and jump on great heights.

Temperaments Of Saluki

Temperaments of Saluki is quiet, gentle, sleek and sensitive. These dogs tend to be very attached with one of the family member and is quite loyal, gentle and eager to please them. However, they tend to shy and timid around strangers but proper socialization can help to overcome this problem.

Saluki is Extremely Athletic
Saluki Jumping High Image Via Imas

Salukis are reserved by nature so they require extensive exposure to humans and to unusual sights and sounds or their reserved nature can later result in skittishness and timidity which would make difficult to live with them.

Personality Traits Of Salukis

Salukis has an agile and swift dog personality with high stamina. They are dogs with almost cat type character who loves lying on the sofa and chasing prey. Though they require a good amount of daily exercise with various challenges.

Saluki  Are Active Outdoors
Saluki Enjoying Wind in a field.
Image Via Letocar

And of course, being a swift dog, they will naturally enjoy running, daily walks and jogs. However, it would be a good idea to keep them on a leash while taking them for walks, especially if you reside in the city area. This will prevent them from chasing something with the risk of being run by a car.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Saluki Are More Suitable For Older Children
Saluki Sleeping with Kid.
Image Via WordPress

Despite being reserved around strangers, Salukis do well in families with older children. Young children can often be too rough for Salukis. If you are a family with small children and still you wanna adopt a Saluki, then you need to make sure that their every small interaction is done under the supervision of an adult.

What Makes Saluki Aggressive?

The Salukis are not aggressive dogs but because of their territorial behavior, they tend to show signs of aggression towards strange dogs. To prevent this problem, socialize them with other dogs as much as you can and try to give them commands like “no” to stop them.

Celebraties That Have Own Saluki?

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  • Liam Hemsworth

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