The Schapendoes was originated in the Netherlands that used to herd sheep in the farm of Dutch. It is a very active working dog that was very good at their herding job. Now they are a very friendly family dog that makes an excellent companion for a family that is active.

The Schapendoes is a large-sized dog with shaggy but adorable appearance. The coat is harsh from the outside and soft from the inside. Their body is strong and muscular built with heavy bones. It is not best suited in an apartment due to their big body and tendency to work in an open space.

Temperament of the Schapendoes

The temperament of the Schapendoes is friendly, lively, and energetic. They are a friendly dog which makes them great as a family companion. They like the company of their people and enjoy working with them. Therefore, they should be involved in all of the family activities. They are happy helping their people.

Schapendoes playing
Schapendoes playing snow.
Image Source: AKC

The Schapendoes needs regular activities to keep itself fit, healthy and mentally stimulated. Take them out in the park to play and to fetch regularly for some time. If there is a big yard for them to play, leave them to play for themselves and they will fulfill their required amount of exercise.

The Personality of the Schapendoes

The Schapendoes has a friendly, smart, and watchful personality. They were watchdogs of sheep in their native land. so their watchdog instinct automatically comes to them. If they see anything unusual in the surrounding, they tend to bark and warn their owner about someone presence.

The Schapendoes is an independent dog that can have stubborn behavior sometimes. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a firm and consistent leadership at an early age. Train them using positive methods by rewarding them with treats and lots of vocal praises.

Do not be harsh on them and always be gentle with them. Harsh behavior or force hand can make them aggressive or fear the people they see.

Schapendoes agility.

Is Schapendoes Child-Friendly?

The Schapendoes does well with children of all ages. They are friendly, loving, and protective of them. However, due to their large size, they may not be suitable for toddlers. Therefore, supervision is necessary if you consider keeping Schapendoes in a house with small children. They get along well with older children who can handle them properly.

schapendoes is child friendly
Schapendoes sitting with a baby.
Image Source: Instagram- @mellanyloonen

What Makes Schapendoes Aggressive?

Schapendoes generally is not an aggressive dog as they are of friendly nature. Their aggression depends on a way you have raised them. If it is raised in a harsh and rough environment, they can become aggressive. Otherwise, they are naturally a friendly dog. They can also show their aggression if someone provokes them but they are not likely to bite.

How Does Schapendoes Behave Around Strangers?

Schapendoes are naturally suspicious of strangers and do not trust them easily. If they see any strangers coming towards the property, they tend to the ark and warn their owner. Though they are not likely to show their aggression unless the stranger tries to treat them.

Early socialization with a variety of people is a necessary and proper introduction before letting visitors.

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