The Seskar Seal Dog is an extinct breed of Spitz-type dogs that lived in Finland till the 19th century. These medium-sized dogs were used to hunt seals from the era of the stone age.

The Seskar Seal Dog had triangular prick ears and a wedge-shaped head. They also had a dense, double coat that was waterproof and protected them while hunting seals.

Origin & History

There is much information on the origin of the Seskar Seal Dog. It is said that the appearance of a very first Seskar Seal Dog was recorded in the Baltic Sea at the time of the stone age. In Finland, these dogs flourished in places like Ahvenanmaa, Saaristomeri, Gulf of Bothnia, and Soumenlahti. Moreover, they were used to search the nest caves and breathing holes of seals.

Seskar Seal Dog is believed to have originated in the Stone Age.

How Did The Seskar Seal Dog Become Extinct?

The Seskar Seal Dog became extinct in the 1950s due to a lack of purpose. During the mid-20th century, people stopped hunting seals because of their rarity and preservation efforts.

So, as hunting seals were no longer done, breeders found these dogs of no use. They stopped breeding these dogs and what remained died out of old age around 1955.


Though the Seskar Seal Dog vanished from existence in the 1950s, breeders have created a new recreation of this breed. The new breed is referred to as ‘Seskar Dog’ and exists in Finland just in small numbers. However, the breed is not recognized internationally as it is not directly descended from the Seskar Seal Dog.

Despite the fact that the new line of the Seskar Seal dog is different from it, it shares a close physical and personality resemblance. Unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t hunt seals actively and is used only as a pet dog.

Temperament, Behavior, & Personality

The Seskar Seal Dog had a friendly and sociable temperament. They were so used to getting attached to their people that they would roam around them all day long. As they were bred for hunting, they were trained to sniff and locate the seals’ nest caves excellently.

The Seskar Seal Dog knew how to behave with their people and strangers. Their kind and gentle personality made them excellent companions for both hunting and long journeys.

Was Seskar Seal Dog Good With Children?

Yes, the Seskar Seal Dog was relatively good with children because of their affectionate and friendly nature. These dogs acted gentle around kids of all ages. They would often play and lay around the toddlers to keep both parties entertained. Though they were hunting dogs, they fitted as family dogs perfectly.

Some Lesser-Known Facts

  • The Seskar Seal Dog was also known as Seiskari, Seiskarinhyljekoira, and Seskar Dog.
  • This breed is named after the island of Seskar, an island in the Gulf of Finland and also the part of Russia.
Seskar Seal Dogs became extinct in the mid-20th century.


The Seskar Seal Dog was found in the following colors:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Black and White
  • Brown and White


The height of the Seskar Seal Dog ranged somewhere between 18-21 inches (46-53 cm) whereas they weighed about 26.9-45 pounds (12.2-20.4 kg).


On average, a mother Seskar Seal Dog used to give birth to 2-6 puppies at a time.

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