Tornjak is a loyal, soft and gentle breed. They enjoy spending time with their family and tends to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time.

Tornjaks are dogs who respond very well to positive training, they are dogs who tend to bond a close relationship with their people. They are dogs who will feel happy if their owner is happy.

Temperaments Of Tornjak

Temperaments of Tornjaks is friendly, confident, loyal and energetic. They are protective, territorial and will immediately alert you of strangers who approach their territory. They are calm and gentle dogs who do not show any sign of nervousness or aggressiveness.

Tornjak Are Very Protective.
Tornjak Staring at its owner.
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Tornjak is quick, steady and is easy to train when they have an experienced trainer. They are very brave and powerful dogs who will not step back in any situation.

Because of their large size, they are not considered to be a good choice for families living in apartments but are happy in homes with a large backyard. They are not able to stay in a small place for a long time and tends to develop destructive behavior.

Personality Traits Of Tornjak

The Tornjak has an easy-going personality and because of which they are known to be good even with novice owners. They are very devoted to their family and has a strong desire to be with their family most of their time. They can be reserved around strangers but is friendly with people who often visit their place.

Tornjak Is A playful Breed.
Tornjak Walking on a field.
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The Tornjak is an energetic and healthy dog and is undemanding in terms of exercise but proper socialization is required to take out the best in them.

Are They Child-Friendly?

Tornjak loves the company of small kids.

The Tornjak is child-friendly pet, they behave well around children especially with the older ones. These dogs are considered to be an ideal choice for families where kids understand how to interact with dogs. Because of their large size, they should be supervised in the presence of small children and toddlers.

How Does It Feel To Live with Tornjak?

Tornjak dogs is an obedient and intelligent dog with whom patience is required to teach new tricks and commands. These dogs understand and memorize new command and in 25-40 repetitions.

Tornjak Is Devoted To Its Family.
Tornjak Lying With Its Owner.
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Dogs of this breed have an average prey drive, it means they don’t have a high thrust to chase moving things like a cat or any other small animals, but it might happen. However, training can help to achieve good behavior.

What Makes Tornjak Aggressive?

The Tornjak is not really an aggressive dog, but because of their extremely protective behavior, they can be aggressive to people or animal who tries to harm their property.

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