Tosa is a Japanese dog breed which is characterized by its patience, boldness, and courage. These dogs are generally peaceful and quiet with a calm but alert manner.

Tosa is a dog which was bred for fighting in their native but today they are considered an amazing family dog.

Temperaments Of Tosa

Tosa has the intelligent, fearless and independent temperament. They are dogs which have a soft and laid back behavior making them lovable family pet in right hands. They are protective of their family and if they feel something as a threat, they will directly attack it without hesitating.

Tosa Is an Independent Breed.
Tosa Swimming With Its Master.
Image Via Pedigree Database.

If you get a Tosa Inu, their dog aggressive traits are something you must be incredibly mindful about. In fact, most experts agree that these dogs aren’t well-suited for suburban life because of this quality.

Personality Traits Of Tosa

The Tosa dog breed possesses an alpha personality, they are more independent and dominant than other breeds. Their nature results in them being stubborn. They like to do things on their own and will often ignore commands.

Tosa Dogs Are Naturally Aggressive.
Tosa Dog Standing in a field.
Image Via Youtube

Tosa’s have a high prey drive due to which they will chase small pets, including dogs. Because of this, they are best only if they are kept as the only pet in the home. They are dogs who require as much exercise as you are able to give them. These dogs develop slowly, so they must be exercised carefully so that their growing body is not injured.

Are They child-Friendly?

Tosa Is Friendly With Child If Raised Together.
Tosa dog breed comfortable witha kid.
Image Via Instagramakira.tosa

Tosa is fine with children only if raised with them together. Because of their dominant nature, rough play should be avoided around them because it can arouse its fighting instinct. Tosa is not considered to be a good choice for families with small children and toddlers, as they can accidentally knock them down.

How Does It Feel To Live With Tosa?

If you are planning to own this fearless canine Tosa, the aggressive behavior is something that you must be careful about. Particularly, most breeders believed that these dog breeds aren’t a good choice for novice owners and for rural life, because of their this quality.

What Makes Them Aggressive?

Tosa’s are naturally aggressive towards other dogs. And because of their extremely protective behavior, they will quickly react with aggression to any kind of perceived threat. Without sufficient socialization, their aggressive behavior can be difficult to handle.

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