Red poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States because they are affectionate, enthusiastic and intelligent pups. The adorable puppies clad in an iconic curly red coat.

There are various types of Red Poodles available in the puppy market if you consider buying one. Here are the different types of Red poodles available in the puppy market:


The standard size is the largest form that the Red Poodles can be and they stand between 20 and 23 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 45-80 pounds.

A Standrard Red Poodle.
Image Source: Vet Street

Although the standard sized Red Poodles are not so visually intimidating, they actually make good guard dogs. As they are alert, brave and protective, they prove to be worthy watchdogs. You can buy a healthy standard red poodle from AKC and other trusted kennel clubs.


Another type of Red Poodles available is the miniature or medium-sized that stands 11 to 15 inches tall with an average weight of around 14 to 18 pounds.

Though these dogs are smaller than their standard form, they actually pack the personality and temperament as the standard ones. So, they will also equally be suitable for watchdogs and guard dogs. AKC provides the best healthy miniature red poodle puppies if you want to buy one.

A Miniature Red Poodle Puppy.
Image Source: PetMD

Toy Red Poodle

The Toy form of the Red Poodles is smaller than the previous two and weighs less than 10 pounds (normally around 6-9 pounds). The Toy red poodles are perfectly pint-sized and usually stand about 8 to 10 inches high at the shoulder. Hence, if you are looking for a lap-able version of the red poodle, then you might easily choose a toy sized. You can buy a toy red poodle puppy from trusted kennel clubs such as AKC Market Place, UKC, etc.

A toy form of the Red Poodle. Image Source: Greenfield Puppies

Klein (Moyen)

Klein or Moyen is the frequently used word for referring medium-sized or mini. Red poodles also are available in the medium/Moyen form in the various markets of the United States. However, the mini version of the Red poodles is not yet approved by the AKC.

A medium-sized red poodle. Image Source: Scarlet’s Fancy Poodles

The Klein red poodles usually stand about  15-20 inches tall in height and weigh around 40-50 pounds. This type of red poodles is often classified somewhere between the standard and miniature form of these poodles.

Teacup form

The Teacup form of the red poodles is the smallest form that this breed comes in. These very small red poodles weigh around 5-7 pounds as they are the most portable form that this breed has to offer. This breed also is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

A teacup puppy of Red poodle puppy. Image Source: Tiny Teacup puppies

Generally, people and breeders don’t recommend purchasing the teacup version of the Red Poodles as they are often weak and unhealthy by birth with health issues. But somehow, if you consider buying a teacup form of the Red Poodle, be sure to properly investigate the heath of the puppy before buying.

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