White German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog that shares the same appearance as of the traditional German Shepherd Dog but in pure white color. It is an active dog that needs a house with a yard to perform its regular activities.

Directly decedent from the traditional German Shepherd, the White German Shepherd is able to develop itself as a separate breed. It is not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club but the United Kennel Club has already recognized this breed as a separate breed.

Temperament of White German Shepherd

The temperament of the White German Shepherd is confident, active, and intelligent dog breed. They are an adaptable dog that can adapt to any environment and situation. Perfect for an active dog owner who can involve it in regular activity. They love to be part of their people’s regular household work.

White German Shepherd running
White German Shepherd running on the field.
Image Source: Kimballstock

White German Shepherd is a very brave and courageous dog. They are a kind and gentle dog with the family but if the situation arises, they become very protective of their family and will not back off without defending them. They make an excellent watchdog and guard dog which is always ready to protect their people.

Personality of White German Shepherd

The personality of White German Shepherd is friendly, loving, and fun. They are very playful that enjoys the company of their family. They are sensitive breed and have a mellow and softer personality. White German Shepherd is an active dog breed that needs a good amount of exercise and if they do not get the required exercise, they can become anxious and even destructive.

They need firm training from a consistent leader who can train them with gentleness. White German Shepherd responds well to positive methods of training that includes delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. This will motivate them to be focused on and interested in the training.

Is White German Shepherd Child-Friendly?

White German Shepherd gets along with children as the adore them and likes spending times with them. They are protective of them and mostly stay on their side being watchful of the activities around them. They are not aggressive with kids but kids should be taught to behave around dogs and treat them kindly. Always supervise their interaction with each other so that they are well-behaved around each other.

White German Shepherd guarding the baby
White German Shepherd looking after the baby.
Image Source: Instagram-@ retto_and_luna

What Makes White German Shepherd Aggressive?

White German Shepherd is not generally an aggressive dog. They are very gentle and loving with their family members. However, if they sense any harm coming towards their family, they become aggressive and can go to any limit to protect them. So, always take your White German Shepherd out only on a leash as to avoid their aggression towards other.

How Does Your White German Shepherd Behave Around Strangers?

White German Shepherd does not trust strangers easily and will be watchful when they are around. Although, they are not likely to show aggression immediately. They will only try to attack them or show aggression if they sense harm from them. Introduce them properly with the guest in the house and early socialization is needed to make them a well-behaved dog.

Celebrity With White German Shepherd

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston with her White German Shepherd
Jennifer Aniston with her White German Shepherd.
Image Source: buzzsharer.com

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks with her White German Shepherd
Tom Hanks with her White German Shepherd.
Image Source: buzzsharer.com

Miley Cirus

Miley cyrus with her White German Shepherd puppy
Miley cyrus with her White German Shepherd puppy.
Image Source: buzzsharer.com

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