When we think of a puppy we imagine an adorable tiny dog with their cute eyes and tiny tails. A newborn Affenpinscher puppy goes through a lot of development stages before being a mature dog.

The puppies behavior and characteristics rate from breed to breed. Puppies go through emotional development alongside physical growth during this12 months of life.


Newborn Affenpinscher puppies are deaf, blind and toothless. They depend on their mother and litter mates for warmth and conserve body temperature.

Their mother will lick them after they are born and it is also the first sensation they experience. Affenpinscher puppies will cry loudly to alert their mother that they are being cold and lonely.

Neonatal Period: 0 to 2 Weeks Old

For the first two weeks of life, Affenpinscher puppies sleeps 90 percent of the time. When it’s awake, it will try to move by using its front legs yet not walk.

Transitional Period: 2 to 4 Weeks Old

The second week of life brings great changes in Affenpinscher puppies. Ears, eyes will begin to open during this period. They will start analyzing the surrounding and learn their own vocabulary from grunts and mews to yelps and barks.

Affenspincher Puppy
3 weeks old Affenspincher. Image Source- YouTube

Some General Behavior To Notice

  • The Affenpinscher puppy will start being a bit of independent.
  • They begin to play with their litter-mates.
  • Teething starts.

Socialization Period: 4 to 12 Weeks Old

At the third week of life, the Affenpinscher puppies enter the socialization period. During this period the interaction with other increases, by which the affenpinscher will remember the rest of their life.


By 5 to 7 weeks, Affenpinscher puppies will need positive human interaction since they will develop curiosity and start exploring new experiences.

From nine to twelve weeks is the golden time to start elementary training with your pup as they will start paying attention to people.

Juvenile Period: 3 Months to 6 Months

It is the time when your Affenpinscher puppies will start eating solid foods. Front teeth are all in by three months and the set of all teeth are grown by 6 months.

It will develop characteristics like biting and chewing and testing your authority on biting or chewing.

You should start socializing your Affenpinscher puppies to other animals and people. Start sending them to puppy training classes.

Adolescence Period: 6 Months to 1 Year

During this period, your puppy will reach emotional maturity. Male Affenspincher will develop dominance with other dogs.

Their chewing habit will start excessively from 7 to 9 months. From 16 to 18 months they will start paying attention to each and every thing going around which is also the right time to send the advanced obedience classes.

So, now you know about the Affenpinscher behavior development of your pup from newborn to 1 year you must give them affection and treat them properly to have a well trained Affenpinscher.

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