The Affenpinscher, well-known as toy breed, do not require excessive amount of exercise. A few short walks a day is enough.

Because of their unusual facial appearence they are also known as monkey terrier. Its face is particularly large with dark eyes, domed skull, short muzzle and cropped ears.

What Kind Of Temperament Do Affenpinscher Have?

The Affenpinscher is curious and very adventurous. They like seeking out new things to do, they are distracted very soon, a little noise can also distract them. A strange noise or smell around him will never fail to catch his attention.

The temperament of these small toy breed is that of a terrier, when it comes to their property they are very territorial. Dogs of these breed are often quite but can be aggressive if threatened.

Personality Traits Of Affenpinscher Dog Breed

The Affenpinscher is a tiny small breed who owns a large personality. They are mostly seen as purse dogs by ladies around the world. They love to travel and can be good companions while traveling. They are easy- going and acceptional to new situations.

Affenpinscher possesses an alert, inquisitive and loyal personality, they are fearless to any threat. They are protective of the family including children. They are even distinguished from other breeds by their nature of being good with other pets and animals.

Affenpinscher seem to be bold, busy and stubborn by nature but together with that they are very playful, mischievous and fond of loving dogs and likes to behave like a playful monkey.

Affenpinscher  Are Also Known As Monkey Terrier
White Affenpinscher Puppy Running.
Image Via Top Dog Breeds

Are They child- Friendly?

The Affenpinscher is very fun-loving and playful dogs but they have a territorial nature, due to which there not recommended with toddlers and small children. And like all other breeds you need to keep an eye on them while playing with children.

How Does It Feels To Live With An Affenpinscher?

The Affenpinscher is generally a delightful companion for families, they enjoy being closed to people and likes to be involved in family activities. They are easy-going with children and other pets.

When outdoors, they need to keep on a leash for their own protection, as toy breeds like Affenpinscher are easily injured or die for being stepped on or picked up by a large dog.

If you are looking for a small dog breed who are smart enough and fearless and can be a good family dog, then definately Affenpinscher is for you. They are fun-loving, eager to please and will always try their best to keep you happy.

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