The Afghan Hound is a large-sized dog breed that is known for its unique appearance. They have a thin muzzle, long and shiny coat that gives it a distinct feature. The Afghan Hound is an active dog, so when it comes to their diets, the owner should always be conscious about it.

As a dog owner, one would have very much difficulties to know what type of food would be good for your dog and in what amount. Here, are things to know before feeding your dog any kinds of diets and food as there are many foods that need to be avoided and also included in your dog’s diet.

Diets and Nutrition Required For Your Afghan Hound

A proper diet and nutrition are very much important for a healthy life of your Afghan Hound. Therefore, they should be provided with the following source of the nutrient.

  • Water: Water is very essential in all living being life. As for the dog, their body contains around 70% of water. So they should be given water from time to time but it should be adequate and not too much. They can also be hydrated from other wet foods like curd, carrots, and other moisture food. If they do not get enough water, they can face serious health problem.
  • Protein: The main source of protein is meat and eggs but it does not mean they have to fully depend on a meat-based diet. They can get their required protein from plants like beans and lentils. Feeding only meat as a source is not good, so include vegetables also on their diet.
  • Fat: Fat is a concentrated source of energy that also provides with essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It protects the internal organ, regulates body temperature and contributes to a healthy nervous system. However, too much fat is not good for their health so provide in a limit.

How Much Should Your Afghan Hound Eat?

Afghan Hound is a large breed but has naturally svelte physiques. They are not overweight, so do not feed them over, thinking they are thin. The Afghan Hound should be fed according to their activity level and their size. If they are an active dog who is involved in a regular exercise, feed them more than the regular amount which is 2-3 cups for an adult. Overfeeding without exercise can lead to obesity so keep the track of your dog’s diet.

Afghan Hound waiting for food
Afghan Hound patiently waiting for the food.
Image Source: PicDove

Afghan Hound puppy requires a little food to keep it healthy and fit. They should be given about a cup or one and a half cup in a day. Do not feed them more as they will gain the weight which can lead to many health problems. Never feed adult food to the puppy and only go for soft puppy food which helps in their growth.

Best Dog Food For Your Afghan Hound

There are two types of commercial dog food and they are dry and wet dog food. Both dry and wet dog food is good for your Afghan Hound as long as it is given in a proper amount. However, there both types should be bought according to the age of your dog. If your Afghan Hound is a puppy, give it a puppy dog food and if it is an adult, give adult dog food. Approve from your veterinarian before buying and dog food and only go for certified brands.

Dry and wet puppy food

  • Orijen– Large Breed Dry Puppy Food, Grain-Free
  • Whole Earth Farms– Grain Free Puppy Recipe
  • Holistic Select– Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Food for Dogs & Puppies

Dry and Wet Adult Dog Food

  • Wellness Core– Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Natural Balance- Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Canned Dog Food
  • Nulo Freestyle- Grain-Free Dog Food
Afghan Hound enjoying meal with its friends
Afghan Hound enjoying meal with its canine friends.
Image Source: Afghan Hound Actors

Best Supplements for your Afghan Hound

Here is the list of the best supplements that you should provide your Afghan Hound if needed.

Food to Provide and Avoid by Your Afghan Hound

Your Afghan Hound can eat human foods too but there are certain foods that it can eat and certain food that is harmful and even fetal for it. Here are some of the human food your Afghan Hound can eat but only in a limited amount. Do not overfeed them as it can also have great side effects.

The following human foods are toxic for your Afghan Hound:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Avocados
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Fried foods
  • Chocolates
  • Xylitol-containing products
Afghan Hound trying to take chocolates
Afghan Hound trying to get some chocolates.
Image Source: The Boston Globe

Why is Your Afghan Hound not Eating?

When your dog is not eating properly, there might be a few possible reasons which are listed below:

  • When your dog’s stomach is upset due to eating unnecessary stuff it finds, it will not eat properly. It will start to chew on some grass as to cleanse their stomach and they will vomit. After vomiting, they again come back to normal and starts to eat in a regular amount. However, if they do not eat properly for more than 24 hours, it might be sick so take it to a vet.
  • The dental problem might be another reason that your dog is not eating. It may be avoiding food because its tooths are hurting. There will be infected tooth, gum or even cut mouth. Therefore, also check their mouth if they are not eating properly.
  • Changing time and place might be another reason for your dog not eating. When you move to a new place and adopt a new time table, it will also affect your dog’s lifestyle. They are adapted to a certain timetable and when it changes. they get confused and not eat properly. Therefore, if the timetable is needed to be changed, do it gradually so it doesn’t affect much of your dog’s life.

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