Shrimps with no doubt are one of the most commonly consumed seafood in today’s world. As one of the most consumed seafood, you might also wonder if you could feed your dog a few shrimps from your plate? It is tasty, mouth-watering which is surely wanted by your dog as soon as it catches its delicious smell.

The short answer for your query is, yes you could feed them. However, you are not here only to know the yes or no answer. As with most of the food, there is always some benefits as well as the effects and so is with the shrimps. In this article, I am going to cover up some good and bad side of feeding shrimps to your dog.

The Good and The Bad of Feeding Shrimps to your Dog?

As said above, your dog can eat shrimps but here we will know about the good and bad side of eating shrimps. Shrimps are rich in protein, omega 3 and contains high levels of antioxidants. It will contribute to your dog’s overall energy level and also protects the cardiovascular system. The vitamin B12 in shrimps is important for a healthy metabolism, gastrointestinal well-being, and brain health.

Dog holding shrimps on its head
A Dog balancing shrimp on its head.
Image Source: PeanutPaws

Knowing about the good side of feeding shrimps to your dog, you might be thinking you can feed more shrimps to your dog. Although shrimps are rich in vitamins and proteins, the nutrients in shrimps can be consumed from the dog’s high-quality foods and treat too. Overfeeding shrimps will only make the health condition of your dog worse.

Shrimps have high cholesterol level so while an occasional feeding is healthy, too much can make unhealthy amount of cholesterol on your dog’s diet. While feeding shrimps, it should be cooked properly without leaving any part raw. Only the meat part should be fed to your dog and the head and tail should be removed prior to the feeding.

Can Dog Eat Raw Shrimps?

Feeding your dog raw shrimps is a big, fat no! There is a possible problem in cooked shrimps itself and raw shrimps is a guarantee of trouble. Raw or undercooked shrimps is a source of all kind of bacteria and parasite. It will put your dog in a risky situation causing foodborne illness. Remove the shells before cooking as the risk of chocking in the shell is high and cause obstructions.

Husky Puppy looking at shrimp
A Husky Puppy looking at shrimp.
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What Kind of Cooked Shrimps can your Dog Eat?

There are different ways of cooking shrimps for your dog and they can be by boiling, frying, sauced or breaded. However, all these cooked types are not good for your dog. They can eat boiled shrimps which is the best preparation of shrimps as it does not need oil and other possible harmful ingredients.

It is best to avoid giving fried, sauced and breaded shrimps to your dog. This methods of cooking contain unneeded flavor like salt. garlic, and the extra oil on your dog’s diet. It is not a healthy method of cooking, so the boiled or steam is considered as the best cooking method for your dog.

Are Dogs Allergic to Shrimps?

Yes, dogs are allergic to shrimps like most of the human being. They might show the following symptoms when they are allergic to something:

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of hair
  • Itchy skin
  • Diarrhea

If any of the above sign is seen in your dog after eating shrimps, immediately take it to a veterinarian.

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