The Affenpinscher is more than just a pretty face. Their looks have been described in many ways as “Monkey Dogs” and “Ape Terriers”.

Affenpinscher are naturally stubborn. It makes difficult to train them because of the strong-mind of their own. However, here are some methods, strategies and techniques to train the monkey dog, Affenpinscher.

When to Start Affenpinscher’s Training?

What is the right age to train the Affenpinscher? The answer is, you can start their training the moment you bring Affenpinscher Puppies at home with small commands like, “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “leave it”.

Affenpinscher Dog.
Affenpinscher Running In The Field. Image Source- DogCrunch

As discussed before, Affenpinscher are born stubborn, you should always use some treats and positive reinforcements when they do what you expected. This will encourage them and will make eager to do more.

The formal training is delayed till the age of 6 weeks, however, when the Affenpinscher puppies reach the age 7-8 weeks, it will be the golden age to train them.

Where To Start The Training?

Don’t have a back yard? Don’t worry. Take them to the public park or beach side and let them enjoy the taste of getting trained. Your trainer would take them to the dog park where they can be trained in a big area or even play when they are bored.

When they reach the right age to be trained, you can send them to puppy pre-school where they get new friends and will be socialized in an easy way. Enrolling them to obedience classes would also help you the most.

How To Define Task To Your Affenpinscher?

Having trouble to define task to your pet? We understand! Defining task to your pet can be challenging as is it the most hardest part. It could be more difficult when you have a stubborn Affenpinsher dog.

Although Affenpinscher are known as quick learners, this attitude can make them feel “I know everything” kind of behavior.

Keeping treats while giving commands could help you the most. You should repeat the commands several times until they get it, also show them the demo to make them understand. For instance, when you command them “down” hold your finger out and say “down”. When they do it, offer them treats and affection.

The Training Process

There are various types of training process to train your pet. You should go through each and every process to get a well trained Affenpinscher.

Positive Reinforcement

For dogs like Affenpinscher who are born stubborn, Positive Reinforcement is the best method you can apply. The theory behind is simply straightforward, dogs reply to good behavior when it’s followed by a reward however won’t reply to you if treated harshly or punished.

Positive reinforcement requires consistency, reward them every time they do the right thing. Therefore, everyone in the family should use the same process.

Relationship Based Training

Relationship based training focuses more on the relationship between the owner, trainer and the dog. It takes time and patience for this process as the owner and the trainer cannot just win the trust if the dog.

The owner must know the body language and what rewards makes them to thrive to motivate the dog. Affenpinscher needs a lot of rewards and positive encouragement to thrive during the training session.

Scientific Training

Science based training is hard to define as it relies on the information that is continually building and changing. This process focuses more to understand the dog’s ability and the effective of rewards and punishments.

Some scientific trainers believe on, it is important to know how to strengthen the dog’s behavior without using treats and rewards and relying on dog psychology to find ways to improve. Before a behavior is corrected, you should know everything about the behavior.

Strategies And Techniques To Train Affenpinscher

Training a stubborn dog like Affenpinscher can be frustrating, it feels like losing the battle against your canine’s will. But don’t give up if you are also on the same condition, as we have some strategies and techniques to apply which actually works.

Go Slowly

Create a positive training by rewarding even the minor success. Start with the dogs familiar and favorite behavior. Once your dog understands the training is fun, start taking baby steps by changing only one variable at a time.

Example, once your dog has mastered “sit” then only go forward to “down” but if your Affenpinscher pup is getting distracted with other sounds in the house, then its completely okay. Give him some time as your goal is to make him feel fun not frustrated.

Environment Matters

During the training sessions, the environment around you and your pup really matters. You will need to control the environment by choosing a distraction-free area like kitchen or a living room.

Put away all the toys and other thing which your dog likes chewing and playing with. If you are training outside in the open area, keep it safe by keeping your Affenpinscher in a leash or a fenced area.

Be Consistent

Do not use the different techniques to your dog as it may become stubborn when he’s confused. Everybody in the family should apply the same strategies and needs consistency to get a well trained dog.

So, these were some methods to train your dog. Apply all these techniques and strategies to have a well behaved Affenpinscher dog. Remember, the behavior of a dog depends on their training and environment.

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