Country of OriginUnited State
Nicknames and Other NamesHusky Malamute,
Alaskan Malamute-Siberian Husky Mix
Scientific NameCanis lupus familiaris
Breed TypeCrossbreed
GroupWorking, Companion
Bred ForFamily Companion
SizeMedium to Large-Sized
Life Span10-15 Years
Ideal Weight60-100 Pounds
Ideal Height28 Inches (male and female)
Fur TypeDense, Double Coat, Thick
Common ColorsSilver, Light Brown, Gray, Light Brown,
Brown, Salt and Pepper, Cream
AvailabilityModerately Available
Suitable for ApartmentsNo
Used in World WarNo
Most Similar ToSiberian Husky
Alaskan Malamute

Alusky is a hybrid that is created by crossing Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. It is large-sized like both of its parents and also obtains mixed traits and characteristics from its parents.

It makes a great companion in a family with active people. They do not do well in an apartment and need a house with a big yard for them to roam around.

The Alusky has a compact, strong, and muscular body with a dense coat. The ears are erect and the eyes are almond-shaped with a stunning color combination of the Siberian Husky. However, the overall appearance of the Alusky can be more of one parent than another.

Temperament, Behavior, Personality

Temperament: The temperament of the Alusky is mixed of both parents. It got the playful, alert nature of Siberian Husky and independent, hard-working nature of Alaskan Malamute.

It makes a great watchdog as it is always alert to the activities going on in the area. They are not likely to get aggressive and will only bark to warn their owner.

Behavior: The Alusky is a very active dog that needs a regular good amount of exercise. So, if they do not get the required amount of exercise, they will get destructive and anxious. So, take them out for a run, play or a hike regularly to keep their body and mind healthy.

Personality: The personality of the Alusky is smart, friendly, and energetic. They are playful and affectionate towards their people and love their company. They are also eager to please and smart, so training will not be hard as long as you are an experienced dog owner.

Is Alusky Child- Friendly?

The Alusky is good with children as they are loving and affectionate towards them. They are playful and protective of kids which is also tolerant of their harsh behavior. No matter how tolerant and friendly your dog is, always supervise their interaction. Also, teach your kids to behave around a dog and be gentle with them.

Baby tying collar belt of its Alusky
Baby tying collar belt of its Alusky.
Image Source: Instagram-@gracie_alusky


Training Alusky is easy as they are very smart and intelligent. They are quick at catching commands and instructions. Although they need an experienced dog owner who can present himself as a consistent leader. Otherwise, they will not be stubborn and hard to train.

Use positive methods of training by rewarding them with delicious treats and lots of vocal praises. Once they complete basic training, enroll them in advance training.


  • Alusky does not do well in hot weather, so if you are living in a hot climate, consider it before buying one.
  • Its parents are two of the popular breed and Alusky is also gaining quite a popularity but it has not been recognized by any major Kennel Club.
About Alusky.

Health Issues

General HealthHealthy
Common Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Bloat, Obesity,
Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia
Vaccination RequiredRabies, Canine Coronavirus, Leptospirosis,
Canine Parvovirus, Canine Parainfluenza,
Kennel Cough, Canine Distemper
SheddingModerate Shedder
DroolingAverage Drooler
GroomingModerate Grooming Required
Weight Gain PotentialHigh
Separation AnxietyModerate Chance
Diets and SupplementsProtein: 22%-25%
Fat: 8%
Digestive Enzymes
Fish Oil

The Alusky can face the following canine health problems during their life span of 10-15 years.

  • Hip Dysplasia: It can be genetic that is caused due to dislocation or underdeveloped of the hip joints. It will cause a sharp pain on the back of your dog making it hard and painful to move from one place to another. Consult a vet for effective treatment.
  • Obesity: Obesity is seen when feeding becomes more than exercise. It is caused due to overweight and also it will cause joints problems in your dog. Provide them with the right portion and always make them exercise so the become fit and healthy.


The Alusky comes in the following colors:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Cream
  • Golden
  • Gray
  • Light Brown
  • Red
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Brown


Alusky puppy playing with rope
Alusky puppy playing with rope.
Image Source: Instagram-@ starkyfurby

Cost: The average cost of the Alusky is between $800-$1000 USD. The price might increase with the quality of the breeders.


Height: The average height of the Alusky is between 26-28 inches.

Weight: The average weight of the Alusky is between 60-100 pounds.

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