The American Hairless Terrier was bred in American that is a direct descendant of the Rat Terrier. They have very little hair to no hair in the body which makes them sensitive to sun and heat.

When a puppy is born, it is very necessary to know about their behavior and changes in different weeks and months. You will learn about the changes that the American Hairless Puppy will face during different weeks in this article.


The newborn American Hairless Terrier is hairless and looks more like a mouse than a dog. Puppies are completely blind, deaf as their eyes and ears are not open for the first week. They cannot walk as well but their front legs are strong enough to drag their body towards the warmth of their mother.

Since the puppies cannot generate their own body temperature, the mother provides them heat by letting them pile against her body. They also are not able to potty themselves and the bitch will help by licking their belly and giving stimulate for defecating.

Neonatal Stage (0-2 Weeks)

Between the week of their born to the second week, the American Hairless Terrier puppies need a good amount of sleep and their mother’s milk. It is necessary to let them sleep for 20-22 hours a day so it benefits their physical as well as mental development. You should not bathe them for a few weeks as their mother will take care of that by cleaning them with her tongue. She even cleans their waste like poop, pee, and vomit.

Newborn American Hairless Terrier Puppy
Newborn American Hairless Terrier Puppy.
Image Source: Small Dog Place

Transitional Stage (2-4 Weeks)

It is an important and beautiful stage in the life of the American Hairless Terrier puppies. Around 9-10 days, they slowly start to open their eyes and see the world around them although not clearly. They begin to hear at the end of the second week and get familiar with the sound of their mother and littermates.

For the first time, the puppies know to stand, sit, and run around. They are very active and enthusiastic at this age and can be mischevious. You can give them to taste a tiny amount of puppy food, so they slowly get to the solid food leaving their mother’s breast milk.

Socialization Stage (4-6 Weeks)

At the age of four to six weeks, your puppy needs to be socialized to the people and canines outside the family. Expose your American Hairless Terrier to the variety of people and also to other dogs in the park. Teach them who they can trust and who they need to be aware of. The puppies also start to bark their cute barks and they learn to bite.

This is the time where you can start giving the puppies solid foods and slowly get them away from mother’s milk. They also learn to pee and poop by themselves, so potty training is necessary.

American Hairless Terrier Puppies
American Hairless Terrier Puppies.
Image Source: Pinterest-@Sherri Farr

Juvenile Stage (4-6 Months)

It is the period when the puppy starts losing its typical puppy looks and look more like an adult. The American Hairless Terrier will have no hair to little hair in some parts like head and tail in this age.

It is time to give them proper obedience training that was started during the socialization period. Reward-based training is the best as they will be interested in the training and tends to lean quickly with delicious treats and vocal praises as a reward.

Adolescent Stage (6-12 Months)

This is the period when the puppies are physically more matured but are still puppy inside. They also experienced their first heat but breeding at such a small age can harm the health of the female puppy and also a male puppy, so 12-15 months is good for mating.

Adult American Hairless Terrier
Adult American Hairless Terrier.
Image Source: Small Dog Place

The American Hairless Terrier is a sensitive breed that can face a lot of skin problems and allergies. So, proper supplements and a complete balanced diet should be given to them for a healthy life.

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