The medium-sized obedient dog Australian Cattle are well known for their loyalty and bravery. As originally bred to drove cattle over long distances through rough terrain, they are also good house companion.

The short-coated dog needs to be trained to make a fruitful companion for the family. Here are some strategies and techniques that’ll help you to train your Australian Cattle Dog more precisely.

When to Start the Training?

The Australian Cattle Dog is a very cautious and obedient breed. You should start training him from the time he’s 9 to 10 weeks old.

Training of your cattle dog can be done when he is brought newly to your home. As an intelligent breed, they capture things very quickly and can learn simple commands like “sit”, “come” and “go”.

Where to Start the Training of your Australian Cattle Dog?

Every pup starts learning things from its own, observing the things around him. Your home is the first and foremost place where he starts his training unknowingly.

Until your Cattle Dog reaches the perfect age for formal training, you can train him in your own house with no hesitation. You can start training him in your backyard too.

An Australian Cattle Puppy. Image Source: Pets4homes

When your dog’s age become eligible for formal training, you can take him to various dog training schools, train him in the parks and puppy kindergarten. This will be able to help him socialize with other dogs well.

How to Define Task for your pet?

Without any doubt, you are going to find it difficult to define tasks for your pet. And as Australian Cattle Dog is a energetic breed, you are going to spend a lot of energy trying to make him stay calm.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a very intelligent breed of dogs and can catch up with your tasks quickly. You will not face any problems defining him tasks if he’s devoted in the training.

Training an Australian Cattle Dog.

As his owner, you should surely know what motivates your Australian Cattle Dog. It may be patting on his back or his any favorite food that cheers him up.

When it comes to defining him tasks, you can make him memorize them by demonstrating in front of him. Tasks such as “roll over” and “sit” can easily demonstrated.

Training Process

Here are some training process that you can go through in order to train your Australian Cattle Dog.


Australian Cattle Dogs are instinctively protective of and loyal to their owners, but they often are wary of strangers and other dogs. You need to expose him with the outer world as early as possible.

According to Petcarerx, Australian Cattle Dogs, in general, have a very high prey drive, so they should also be socialized to other pets at a young age in order to prevent attacks later in life.

Exercise and Games

Owning an Australian Cattle Dog is not an easy thing. You must be dedicated to see that your dog have sufficient ways to expend his considerable energy throughout his life.

Cattle Dog pulling out socks. Image Source: Youtube

If your intelligent dog doesnot have things to do to exhaust his energy, he will create things to do.You must regularly train him with energetic games such as fetch, agility training, flyball and obedience competitions.

This will make sure that your pet will be less likely to develop destructive or aggressive-seeming behaviors.

Obedience Training

Your Australian Cattle Dog is highly intelligent and can learn obedience commands quickly. You can use verbal and hand commands to control your dog.

An Australian cattle dog. Image Source: Nbcsports

Teach your cattle dog commands such as”Sit”, “Stay” and “Leave it”. You can put the “Leave it” command to use if your dog shows aggression toward another person or animal, as you teach the dog literally to leave the person or object on command.

Strategies and Techniques for Easy Training of ACD

You won’t have to face any problems training your American Cattle Dog if his mood and mind are devoted in it. Being an intelligent breed, he is able to learn very quickly.

Here are some strategies and techniques that’ll probably help you train your ACD more precisely.

Go Slow

You can not just pile up mountains of commands to your dog and expect him to remember all of them. Despite being intelligent breed, he also needs to learn slowly and gradually to be perfect at the commands. So, go very slow when teaching him commands.

Avoid Punishment

The American Cattle Dog is a very loyal and obedient breed. He loves his owner very much and can do anything for him. So when your cattle dog doesn’t perform your desired task properly, try not to punish him more frequently. Punishing him will make him loose his trust and love for you.

An Australian Cattle Dog sleeping on the back of sheep. Image Source: 3MillionDogs

Make Training a Habit

The American Cattle Dog is a very obedient and loyal breed. And training him will be very fun if the training is done correctly and in a daily basis. Make training a part of your dog’s daily schedule and he’ll learn commands very fast..

No matter how hard and daily you train your Cattle Dog, but if you don’t give him the love that needs, he’ll never be able learn properly. It is very important to act as a trusty companion for your dog in order to make a reliable member of the family.

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