The Black Russian Terrier which is also known as the Chornyi Terrier, is a breed of highly intelligent and confident working dogs that was originated in the Soviet Union, Russia in Red Star Kennel during the mid 20th Century.

Black Russian Terrier is a calm dog but has strong guarding instincts. He is active and athletic, and hence enjoy going on long walks, joggings and hiking with his owner and the one he loves.

What is the temperament of the Black Russian Terrier like?

Black Russian Terriers are calm dogs that thrive on affection. They form very close bonds with them and get along with them. They’ll protect their family, home and property with all of their devotion.

A Black Russian Terrier dog before and after training.

The Black Russian Terrier is a lively, energetic and confident dog having a hardy, stable and brave temperament. It is very important to give him a task to do such as training, exercise, and fetching.

It thrives on human interaction and has such a strong desire to be with his owner that he follows his people from room to room and when left alone, will wait longingly by the doors or windows.

Personality Traits of the Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier is big than middle-sized courageous breed. The dogs are extremely brave and observant and respond quickly to protect their owner and home.

The Black Russian Terrier dogs have a dominant personality and hence, should be treated firmly and lovingly in order to guide him to become a well-mannered dog.

They have a strong prey drive and will chase after other small dogs and pets such as cats. They become bored easily and should be kept occupied frequently.

Are they Child-friendly?

Yes, the Black Russian Terrier dogs are very good with children and are patient with small kids who want to climb on them and are big enough to keep up with bigger kids’ outdoor games.

The Black Russian Terrier dogs even sleep in kids’ rooms or outside their bedroom doors as their guardian and protector at night. They are very gentle and tolerant with kids if they are raised together.

Two kids with a Black Russian Terrier dog. Image Source: Instagram@bear_the_brt

However, because of the large size of the Black Russian Terrier, kids should not be left unsupervised with him. You should keep parental eyes on them so that he doesn’t accidentally your kids.

How it feels to live with the Black Russian Terrier?

The Black Russian Terrier is a not a breed for first-time owners because of its large size and stubborn personality. Training them can be very difficult for you if you are new to owning a dog.

Having a large size, the dog will start considering himself the alpha. So, it is very important to teach him early socialization and obedience training to avoid bad behaviors in the future.

Black Russian Terrier dog with his family. Image Source: Instragram@hugoandmason

You’ll need to provide your BRT daily exercise and mental stimulation at least half an hour including walks, run, obedience training and agility increasing activities.

Overall, the Black Russian Terrier is a very complex dog to own for first time owners. It is better to go on with other breeds if you are not familiar with rearing dogs.

Black Russian Terrier is not a bad breed at all. It can turn out to be an excellent companion if you train him with kindness and care. Positive reinforcement and treatment is the only way to rely on.

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