The mild-mannered and sweet nature dog, Bullmastiff is one of a kind who will risk his life to save its family if needed. They are recognized by their sturdy body which will scare anyone but in fact they are friendly and will not attack anyone unless they sense something unusual.

They are fearless dogs as well as gentle and affectionate with their family members. If you’re planning to own one, then you should probably know about Bullmastiff’s temperament and personality.

Are Bullmastiff Good Family Dogs?

Yes! Bullmastiffs are good family dogs as they are gentle, affectionate and loyal to their family. They love spending their time with their loved ones and participating in the family activities. They are always eager to please their owners most importantly they will forget that they are not lap dogs and will try to sit on your lap if they need attention and love.

Happy Family with Bullmastiff. Image Source- Instagram @shipleycanecorso

Bullmastiff have an even temperament and it will take a lot to provoke them. If you’re looking for the apartment dog but Bullmastiff is your first choice, then don’t worry! as they will easily adjust in apartment too. However, they make great farm dogs which will happily keep his eye on livestock.

How Is The Bullmastiff’s Temperament Like?

Bullmastiffs are highly protective of their family and territory. They get along with other animals especially if they are raised with them. However, the same sex dogs should not be introduced to the Bullsastiff as they will not back out if they are provoked by the other animals.

Bullmastiffs Howling When Left Alone.

As they love human counterparts, they should not be left alone for a long time. Otherwise they may become destructive and can lead to separation anxiety. They are not the kind of the dogs who likes to hear their own bark, so be alert! when Bullmastiff barks, there’s something unusual happening or some people are coming towards your home.

Personality Traits of BullMastiff

As they were bred to guard the livestock, they are very serious towards their job and loyal to their masters. They were trained not to hurt people but to chase the poachers from hunting the stock. Thanks to the breeders as today we have the most lovable and gentle canine with us!

BullMastiff Asking For Attention. Image Source-YouTube

Like with every breed, Bullmastiff needs to be socialized at an early age. A properly trained Bullmastiff will happily welcome the strangers by wagging their tails. They are independent thinkers which makes training a challenge. However, positive reinforcements and treats can make it easy.

Are Bullmastiff Child Friendly?

Bullmastiff are a great protector for your child as they are very gentle with kids who have the knowledge on how to approach a child. They can be good partners to your child as they love staying under the supervision of kids.

Strong Bond Between The Baby And Bullmastiff. Image Source- Care

However, their huge body may unintentionally hurt the children while playing. They should be kept under supervision while playing together.

To conclude, there’s no other canine breed than Bullmastiff who is as friendly and calm as other breed. Having a Bullmastiff means having a safe and fun life.

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