The Chow Chow is a proud, smart, and independent dog which was originated in China. It is recognized by its black and blue colored tongue and a thick fur in a neck area giving it a ruff or mane appearance. Chow Chow look like a teddy bear due to its big fluffy body.

If you are a first-time dog owner, Chow Chow is not for you. Chow takes an experienced leader who proves their leadership before taking command. They like to do things in their own term and forcing them to do things harshly can lead to their aggression. Therefore, the trainer should be patient and gentle to chow while teaching him to follow the commands.

When and Where to Start The Training?

Training Chow Chow is best when done in its early age. The training of Chow puppy should be started the moment you bring him home. An older Chow is difficult to train as they become stubborn with age and want to do things that they like, not the things you want them to do. So, proper training should be provided to them from an early age.

Puppy Chow puppy Walking.
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Training of Chow Chow Chow should be done in an open area like a park or a field. The place should not be crowded with people. They are shy and reserved with strangers and could not focus in training session. There should not be any animals in the place where you are training as other animals maybe a distraction and they might get aggressive.

How to define task for your pet?

Training a dog can be a difficult thing to do. As for Chow, it is more complicated due to its stubborn behavior. So, while training your Chow, certain words should be used to define its particular task.

Chow Chow Sitting like a Boss
Image Source: The Happy puppy Site

Words like sit, eat, stop, roll over etc should be used instead of the whole sentence while training your dog. Gesturing with the hand will help them understand what you are trying to command him. Words should be said repeatedly (one word at a time) so that your dog understand what you are saying.

When he understand what you said, reward your Chow Chow with treats he like and toys and lots of words praise as it keeps them motivated.

The Training Process

The Chow Chow should be loved, handled and trained well as a puppy, else he will not be easy to approach as an adult and will disobey you. So, a proper way of training is needed for a puppy Chow to grow in a well-behaved adult Chow.

Training Chow Chow Dog

Establishing leadership

Before training, Chow Chow needs to have a good connection with you and he should be able to see you as his leader. Leadership doesn’t mean that you start yelling or treat them harshly. Treat them gently and they will listen to you.

Big Chow Chow with its owner.
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Start training your Chow to socialize with people as soon as you bring him home. Chow Chow is very suspicious of strangers, so it is necessary to expose him to a wide verity of people from the very beginning. The weeks between 6-18 is the best time to socialize your chow but this process should go throughout life.

Aggressive Behavior

Chow Chow can be aloof and suspicious of strangers and sometimes they can show aggressive behavior. This behavior should be guided well and they should be trained to control their aggression which can be motivated with the treats and good praises rewards.

Keep your training session short, no longer than 15 minutes. This will keep the training session fun and interesting.

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